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JoJo Siwa Explains Her Judging Tactics on Upcoming ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

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JoJo Siwa isn’t only an upcoming judge for FOX’s revival of So You Think You Can Dance, she’s a lifelong fan of the series. This dancer grew up as part of a dancing competition of her own and is now ready to show off her knowledge as a judge.

Judging So You Think You Can Dance is almost a full circle moment for JoJo Siwa. Ahead of her judging role, she was invested in the show. Since she grew up in a dance based community, Siwa remembers her friends wanting to audition for the series. Since she’s always had those personal ties, the dancer sees judging the series as a full circle moment.

“It’s wild, growing up watching it now versus being apart of it,” Siwa said. “Obviously the panel is very different, we’re not having some of the most iconic people that have been a part of this show, however it’s new.”


As many know, Siwa rose to fame as part of the popular series, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. In season two of the series she became a top five finalist and youngest contestant to compete. Later, she was part of the popular dance television show, Dance Moms. A series that highlighted the highs and lows of competitive dance. On Dance Moms, Siwa preferred to perform jazz styles dances.

This dancer’s knowledge of the art comes from her uprisings on competition shows, as well as her time on Dancing With the Stars, where she learned to ballroom dance. On top of knowing dance, Siwa’s competed in six elimination based dance competition shows.

JoJo Siwa Strives to Be the Technical Judge on So You Think You Can Dance

Even though Siwa typically seems very sweet, she’s acknowledged that a new side of her will come out for this competition. While the dancer will always remain nice, she wants to be the technical judge of the three. Since she has the dance training background, she feels that it’s the right place for her in the mix of the trio.

“Never mean, I don’t want to be a mean human, but you know, honest,” Siwa said.

When it comes to the dancer, Siwa is looking at not only the person’s skills, but their mindset as well. She expressed that everyone in this competition has already proven themself to be talented, have good technique, and be a strong competitor. Instead of looking solely at those things, she’s attempting to find someone that has all of that, mixed with passion.

While the panel is extremely different than seasons prior, Siwa explains that each of the judges bring something to the table. Stephen “tWitch” Boss brings leadership to the panel, while Matthew Morrison brings his background in musical theatre. The dancer explains that the coronavirus changed everything we’ve known, so the new series evolves along with this season’s competitors.

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