JoJo Siwa Addresses Pregnancy Rumors, Sexuality in Snapchat Storytime

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JoJo Siwa via SnapchatJoJo Siwa via Snapchat

JoJo Siwa has finally gone on record to talk about her rumored pregnancy. For those who may have missed it, the dancer and former Nickelodeon star has been running with pregnancy rumors since they went viral on TikTok last summer. To clarify, Siwa is not actually pregnant.

JoJo Siwa Clarifies Her Sexuality

On March 28, Siwa shared a series of videos on Snapchat, discussing her pregnancy rumors further. The cluster of photos and videos began with a photo of her and DWTS troupe member Ezra Sosa. Even though the caption of the photo reads “The father of my baby!!” Siwa quickly explained that one day, when she becomes a mother, it will not be in the traditional way.

“I wanted to talk and do a little storytime because the way I love it’s not the social norm of how I’ll be having kids someday,” she said.

Immediately after, Siwa clarified her sexuality. For those who may not know, Siwa came out in January 2021. At the time she didn’t specify her sexuality, instead she said she loved both men and women.

“Alright let’s just start off with something that is not a secret. I am very gay, I think women are awesome, I am attracted to women,” Siwa said. “At first thought, you know maybe I was attracted to both men and women, I thought I was maybe pansexual.”

The dancer went on to explain the difference between pansexuality and bisexuality, for fans who may not know. In short Siwa explained, pansexuality means you are attracted to all people and typically see no gender, while bisexual means you typically are attracted to cisgender males and females.

“I thought that was me until I just got a little older, a few years have passed, and I think all humans are awesome,” Siwa said. “But I only have crushes on girls and so I kind of realized I’m straight up lesbian.”

She Gets Candid About Her Desire to be a Mom

After clarifying her sexual preferences, Siwa went on to explain why her motherly situation will be different from others. She knows that her future kids will not have a “normal” family structure, including a mom and dad.

“There will never be that male significant other in my life, if that makes sense,” she said. “Basically my baby will have a father, but their father will probably not be present in their life. The hope is they’d have two mothers.”

After explaining her future family’s structure, she educated fans on how having kids is possible for same sex partners. When the time comes, she doesn’t want to go through the process of picking everything, like hair color, eye color, height, and more. Instead, she wants it to be a surprise.

When it comes to her future, Siwa hopes to experience pregnancy. Although she’s open to adoption, she’s hoping that she can carry her own child someday.

She Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors, Explains Why She Purchased Baby Clothes

Although Siwa didn’t just come out and say she’s not pregnant, she implies it. It seems like Siwa has major baby fever at the moment, so that’s where her joke has branched from.

“It’s obviously no secret how excited I am to have kids one day, I say I can’t wait to be a mom literally 62 times a day,” she said. “I in the last few days have bought baby clothes to donate, I have bought baby supplies to donate, I’m very excited, I love all things having to do with kids – being a mom is going to be the greatest story of my life, I already know it.”

The 19 year old finished out her video series, explaining that she doesn’t know what the future holds at this moment, but she’s still excited for it.

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