Jessie J, Billy Porter, Team Up For “I Want Love” Remix

Corey Cesare
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In June, Jessie J released new single, “I Want Love.” This song skyrocketed to her fifth most listened to song on Spotify with 5,787,550 listens. She has since released a techno remix of this hit with Grammy and Tony award winner, Billy Porter.

The remix was also made in collaboration with Twocolors a dance/electronic musical duo. This song is quickly making its way to the charts. This remix has already become Porter’s most popular song on Spotify with 114,507 listens.

“So HONOURED to have THE ICONIC (Who I grew up listening to 🥺) @theebillyporter join me on the @twocolors remix for I Want Love!!” she wrote in her Instagram post.

“I Want Love” A Pop Hit

The original version of this song features Jessie J’s iconic voice, with a simple beat and some vocal accompaniments. The best part of this song is easily her vocal range. The lyric video has 1,671,500 views on YouTube.

Jessie J fans loved this song! They commented about how underrated Jessie J is in 2021 within the YouTube comment section. Fans also mentioned how beautiful her vocal range is and how they can’t wait to hear it live.

It’s no surprise that she decided to remix out this tune based on the popularity it is already getting. She made sure to choose the right people to make this remix a hit.

The remix version features twocolor’s techno beat, and Porter’s vocals, that match the strength of J’s perfectly. This remix is actually great! J and Porter sound amazing in this collaboration with the accompaniment of Twocolor’s rhythm.

“I don’t usually prefer remix versions to original versions, but in my opinion this remix is ​​better than the original. I wish it became a viral hit, it deserves it!” said one fan on YouTube.

This song went from easy to listen to pop, to get up and dance, pop. We could easily imagine this song playing at a club.

New Music On The Horizon

“I Want Love” is said to set the stage for Jessie J’s upcoming fifth full-length album. Fans are eager to get their hands on new Jessie J music! But, they know that the singer might not be in the condition to do live performances at the moment. A month ago Jessie J had a painful throat condition, and she is still recovering. She posted recently that she still can’t sing or talk a lot without pain.

There is not currently a release date for this upcoming album, but it should be coming later this year. If her fifth album is filled with songs like “I Want Love” it’ll quickly make the charts.

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