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Jake Zyrus Reinvents His Single ‘4 Life’ with Latest Remix

Jake Zyrus performing in Pinoy Relief Benefit ConcertPhoto by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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Filipino singer Jake Zyrus has recently released a remix of his 2022 pop single “4 Life.” The musician has impressively put a nice spin to the pop song, therefore making it a bop of its own.

Jake Zyrus Drops ‘4 Life’ Remix on Valentine’s Day

Zyrus has made it possible to treat his fans with another version of “4 Life” during the Feast of Saint Valentine. In collaboration with musicians Cheesa and John Concepcion, the singer has successfully created the remix. Evidently, Zyrus is proud with this release.

Back in December 2022, the “I’ll Be There” singer stated that he’s now taking control of his music career. According to him, while he still sees himself working in his home country the Philippines, he’s “more focused” in establishing his reputation in the US.

“I’m more focused on doing online content, releasing music, and definitely more songs. ‘4 Life’ is just the beginning,” he said.

Apparently, “4 Life” Remix is an anticipated musical release from Zyrus. The singer mentioned last year that he’d be working on a remixed version in 2023. Furthermore, the singer will also be recording an acoustic version of the song, although the release date isn’t clear yet.

As regards the creative process of “4 Life,” Zyrus explained that he didn’t force himself to do it. There only came a day where he felt prepared to do the mixing.

‘4 Life’ Remix is Sonically Pumping, Worth-Listening To

Upon its release, “4 Life” studio version is unsurprisingly similar to the musical vibes given by Chris Brown. This is apparently because the single was created by Concepcion who has also worked with Brown in the past. Fair enough, Zyrus is admittedly inspired by the music produced by both Brown and Justin Bieber.

The original version of “4 Life” is already a force to be reckoned with. However, Zyrus has further proven that the song could be as flexible as it is with “4 Life” remix. Sonically, the single taps a listener’s energetic senses, but not in an aggressive and excessive way. Despite it being a remix, it didn’t leave its pleasing and calming sound.

Moreover, Zyrus made the right choice in enlisting Cheesa to be once again, a part of his release. Both musicians have proven their artistic chemistry prior to the remix as they’ve done a number of cover songs before.

Overall, “4 Life” remix is a single worth-listening to. Zyrus is manifestly stepping up his game this year, and we’re yet to see how much he can give to found his career outside his country.

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