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Is Girl Named Tom of ‘The Voice’ Following in Chayce Beckham’s Footsteps?

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I’m sure you haven’t forgotten American Idol winner Chayce Beckham. Many people were able to predict that Chayce was going to win since his music demolished the iTunes charts during the competition. Now that Girl Named Tom is also climbing the charts with their cover performed during The Voice, could they be following in his footsteps?

Chayce Beckham’s Success Was Predicted From Surpassing American Idol Judge, Luke Bryan, on the iTunes Charts

Chayce’s original song “23” blew up the iTunes Top 100 Country Songs Chart and even managed to surpass Luke Bryan on the iTunes Top 100 Songs Chart at the time. “23” is an original song that touches on Chayce’s personal story with alcoholism in the lyrics. He performed this song during American Idol‘s Mother’s Day episode. Fans of the show loved that this singer was not holding back in his emotional lyrics.

Chayce was known on American Idol for his consistency in the competition, very similar to Girl Named Tom. His claim to fame was “23,” but it didn’t stop there, he had multiple other original song hits. The story he told within the songs are truly what won the competition for him. After watching Chayce’s success, many thought that Nightbirde would follow in his footsteps on America’s Got Talent.

Although Girl Named Tom differs from soaring after an original emotional piece, their recent song has made it high on the iTunes charts. This is the first week that The Voice singers have released music from the show, and this could be very telling for how the competition will end. They are currently at No. 13 on the iTunes Top 100 Songs Chart. It’s very possible that their song will peak at No. 10 before next Monday’s live performance.

As of right now, Girl Named Tom is the only artist from The Voice on the iTunes Charts. Although their journey differs from Chayce Beckham’s there’s a strong possibility that they will have similar endings. Up to this point, we have yet to see an original song out of Girl Named Tom, but they have plenty to choose from.

Will Girl Named Tom Win This Season of The Voice?

Going into the Top 11 on The Voice, Girl Named Tom will have plenty of opportunity to release other music from performances. I truly think that this group will continue to hit the iTune charts throughout the entire competition. They’ve been a front-runner since their four chair turn audition and I don’t see that status dying out any time soon.

Even though Girl Named Tom has quickly become America’s favorite artist, this season has been filled with amazing talent. There are really some talented artists in The Voice Top 11, so Girl Named Tom needs to stay on their “A Game.” I think their biggest competition is Wendy Moten. Don’t get me wrong, Wendy is amazing, but it feels like she’s flying through the competition. Right before the live rounds the judges stopped giving her notes and only complimented her work. Which makes a lot of sense considering she is already a seasoned artist.

I believe that Wendy and Girl Named Tom will be two out of five of the last standing artists. As a loose guess I’d say Hailey Mia, Jershika, and Holly Forbes will be against them. I would love to say Girl Named Tom is a clear winner of the competition, but there’s a strong possibility that The Voice fans could be thrown for a loop. Personally, I hope Girl Named Tom wins the competition. They’ve made it quite obvious that they deserve to be the first group (sorry Jim and Sasha Allen) to win The Voice.

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2 years ago

Totally agree!
GNT is a group I had to wait for and listened to repeatedly.
As two judges said, their version of ‘dust in the wind’ is haunting!
Individually, they are great already and when I’m harmony, it’s superb. Plus they sell the story which I love most about.
Thanks for sharing.

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