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How Much Do the Biggest Celebrity Judges ACTUALLY Make On Talent Shows?

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Arguably, the best part of competition shows are comments from the judges. I’m sorry I had to be the one to say it, but you know I’m telling the truth. When it comes down to their commentary, how much are they actually getting paid to be on these shows?

The celebrities on our favorite shows are just as important as the contestants. They provide good insight and overall make the shows entertaining. But, why do they come on to these shows? Some would think that they’re choosing to come on to these shows based off of salary alone. How much do these celebrity judges make from the talent shows they’re on?

Nicole Scherzinger Brings In $3 Million Annually

This star is known for being on Dancing With The Stars and judging The Sing-Off, The X Factor US, Australia’s Got Talent, The X Factor UK, and way more. On top of her judging, she’s known for being the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls. From that alone I would’ve expected her net worth to be higher than the reported $14 Million. She makes about the same amount as her co-stars on The Masked Singer.


Sofia Vergara Makes $10 Million

It’s reported that this Modern Family star is really paid the “big bucks” for being one of America’s favorite judges. From America’s Got Talent alone, she makes a reported $10 Million annually. She makes almost five times more than Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum who each collects around $2 Million.


Kelly Clarkson Makes $14 Million Per Season On The Voice

Clarkson has been on The Voice for seven seasons and has made $53 million before taxes according to her divorce settlement. Although this seems like a lot of money, she is reported have a net worth of $45 million. Her monthly salary for The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show is around $1.9 million, that’s absolutely insane. What’s even more insane is that she is NOT the coach making the most money on The Voice.

Ariana Grande is earning anywhere between $20 to $25 million for this season of the show. Grande and Clarkson’s fellow male coaches both reportedly make $13 million per season.


Katy Perry Makes $25 Million

Not only is Perry one of the most successful pop artists, she’s also the American Idol judge making the most money. She brings in $25 million a year from American Idol alone…that’s $100 Million in four seasons.

In 2021, her estimated net worth is reported to be around $330 Million from her Idol work and successful pop star career. Perry makes more than her fellow current judges. Lionel Richie is reported to make $10 million per season, while Luke Bryan is reported to make $12 million per season.


Simon Cowell Brings in $95 Million Annually

We knew Simon Cowell was going to make the most out of anyone on this list, I mean it is his show. He has an estimated net worth of $600 million. That’s a lot of money. It’s reported that $45 million comes from judging America’s Got Talent alone.

Cowell may have a lot of money, but he’s not stingy. He reportedly has close ties with Children’s Hospices UK, The Katie Piper Foundation, Battersea Dogs Home, The RSPCA, GOSH – Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, and PETA.

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