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Gwen Stefani, Sheryl Crow Fight in Wild Drunken Axe Hole Game on ‘Barmageddon’

Carson Daly, Nikki Bella, and Blake Shelton on BarmageddonPhoto by: Jake Giles Netter/USA Network

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The Voice Coach Gwen Stefani may have an accurate vision in fashion, but in terms of throwing axes like darts, her eyes don’t seem to be very useful. In the second episode of Barmageddon, Stefani has found herself losing to Sheryl Crow in a chaotic axe-throwing contest.

Gwen Stefani Loses to Sheryl Crow in Drunken Axe Hole Showdown

The December 12 episode of Barmageddon kicked off with Drunken Axe Hole where Stefani and Crow would bare-handedly throw axes and attempt to hit the bullseye. The “Hollablack Girl” hitmaker was first to play the game, admittedly unskilled in the sport.

“So Sheryl, I feel like you’re probably more experienced with one of these than I am,” she said.

Crow replied to her, saying that she’s tried axe throwing “two to three times.” Blake Shelton may be there for moral support, but such didn’t translate into a win. Stefani missed the entire target three times, gaining zero points during this round. Understandably, this has boosted Crow’s morale.

Incredibly, her first throw effortlessly hit the bullseye. Crow subsequently missed the target in her second attempt but redeemed herself during her third throw.

Drunken Axe Hole was only the beginning of Barmageddon’s second episode.The game show continued with both women having to wear beer goggles to cloud their sight. This scene prompted Daly to joke about Stefani’s blurred vision when she married Shelton.

Did Blake Shelton Hook Up with Crow Years Ago?

Before the Drunken Axe Hole showdown started, a coin flip was done to know who’ll be up in the game first. According to host Nikki Bella, Stefani has the benefit to choose between heads or tails since she is Shelton’s wife.

“I’m not married to Blake?” Crow joked.

“One hookup years ago, didn’t count,” Shelton shouted.

Intrigued by this exchange, the whole crowd eagerly asked for the specifics. However, no details were given after that. For those who may not know, the Shelton and Crow had a professional relationship back then, with Crow serving as a mentor to Team Blake on The Voice. They also collaborated for a song in Shelton’s Christmas album. It is most likely though that they were just stirring the pot when they told fans about the hookup.

This Barmageddon episode continued with Air Cannon Corn Hole, Keg Kurling, Buzz Words, and multiple rotations of the Redemption Wheel. The biggest highlight of the night was when the two women swapped and sang each other’s songs. Stefani belted out “All I Wanna Do” while Crow performed “Hollaback Girl.”

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