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‘Game Of Talents’ Introduces Youngest Performer Yet — What’s Her Talent?

Jill O'Rourke

Jill O'Rourke


Game of Talents returned Wednesday night on FOX. The show, hosted by Wayne Brady, features several performers whose talents are a mystery to the contestants.

Tonight’s teams were grandparents Percy and Marilyn, versus siblings Jamil and Kali. They were tasked with guessing the talents of various guests.


They were given several talents to choose from, but only six out of seven were actual talents featured during the show. The teams were competing for a shot at $200,000.

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This performer said he enjoys biking and playing board games. Wayne presented a clue package which featured a car driving past several signs. Jamil and Kali guessed that Adison was a heavy metal harpist.

Adison then showed off his talent as a clogger, with his shoes on fire. He shared that he’s been clogging for 28 years, and dancing with a group called All That for four years. Jamil and Kali were incorrect, meaning Percy and Marilyn got the first $10,000.


This young performer said she loves painting and playing with LEGOs. The clue package for Madison featured a fake social media post. Percy and Marilyn guessed that Madison was a blues singer.

Madison then showed off her talent as a blues singer, meaning Percy and Marilyn were correct. They got $10,000 added to their total for $20,000. Madison said she loves artists like Sam Cooke and Etta James.


This performer loves baking key lime pie. The clue package featured several flyers on a lamp pole. Jamil and Kali guessed that Russ was an extreme pogo sticker.


Russ then showed off his talent on a pogo stick, meaning Jamil and Kali were correct. They received $15,000 for their guess. Russ said he travels the world with a team performing extreme pogo tricks.


This performer said she likes to knit and collect porcelain poodles. The clue package featured a fake cooking show about cheese dip. Percy and Marilyn guessed that Heather was a sword swallower.

Heather then showed off her talent for sword swallowing, meaning they were correct and earned $15,000, bringing their total to $35,000. Heather explained that she taught herself after seeing a freak show in Coney Island in high school.


This performer said he lives with his wife and daughter and enjoys bowling. The clue for Justin was a map. Jamil and Kali were the first team to lock in their answer as pizza acrobat.

Justin then showed off his talent throwing pizza dough in the air. That meant Jamil and Kali were correct, bringing their total to $75,000 and eliminating Percy and Marilyn. Justin shared that he was a 13-time world pizza champion.


In the final round, Jamil and Kali had the chance to double their $75,000 total, potentially winning $150,000. The only two talents left were light dancer and heavy metal harpist.

Kelly’s clue package included a wine selection. Jamil and Kali chose to walk away with their $75,000 instead of playing. If they had chosen, they would have guessed light dancer. They would have been correct, as Kelly showed off a light-up dance routine.

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