Fans React To Claudia Conway’s Audition Video In ‘American Idol’ Premiere Teaser

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Ever since American Idol released a trailer featuring 16-year-old Claudia Conway, the entire world has been buzzing. The TikTok star is the daughter of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and attorney George Conway. But this is a singing competition, so fans of the show are wondering if Claudia can actually sing.

Fans Are Eager To See Claudia Conway On ‘American Idol’

Claudia posted a TikTok the moment she saw her name trending on Twitter this week due to the American Idol buzz. She made a video back in November to say she was auditioning for the show and now it’s finally going to be shown on television. Claudia grew up doing musical theater and plays about eight instruments. She described music as a “pillar” in her life because she has been doing it since she could walk.

American Idol actually reached out to her after seeing a video of her jokingly singing. They asked her if she wanted to audition and she of course said yes. In the TikTok video, she also said that people think this is a publicity stunt. “Music is my passion” she assured her 1.7 million followers.


The comments section on Claudia’s videos blew up with people asking her to post more singing videos and to show off the instruments she plays. Others were supportive of the teen saying things like “Yes girl, chase those dreams! Can’t wait to see.” Rest assured, a lot of her fans will be tuning in to the premiere episode this weekend.

“I know that half the world sees me as a joke because of my parents and whatever bulls—. I’m just a 16-year-old with passions, and you know, trying to figure out the future. This is a really good opportunity. A really f—ing cool opportunity that I went with immediately, because if American Idol reaches out to you, you don’t say no,” she said in another TikTok video.

The Reaction To Her Audition News Has Been Mixed

Many feel like Claudia should not be on a television show after being involved in a scandal. In the past, Claudia posted TikTok videos alleging abuse by her mother but now wants to work on their relationship. One Twitter user accused ABC and American Idol of “exploiting” Claudia and her “unresolved trauma.”

Others think this is all just a publicity stunt or a claim to fame as American Idol tries to incorporate a political storyline.

One Twitter user even suggested that Claudia and her family are trying to grow publicity like the Kardashians.

“You know American Idol will put Claudia Conway through. It’s good for the ratings” another Twitter user wrote. It was also a mixed bag over on Instagram. There were some supportive comments and others who feel like being a child of famous political figures gives her an unfair advantage. For some, the show is an opportunity to finally earn a living by doing what they love after years of struggling. Many feel like Claudia may be taking this opportunity away from someone who does not have a large platform.

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Everything To Know About Claudia Conway’s Big Audition

Before her audition, Claudia said she was “nervous but very excited” in the new trailer. Ryan Seacrest calls her a “social media sensation” before her big audition. While we don’t get to hear Claudia sing in the trailer, Katy Perry does tell her “we want an American Idol.” Expect cameos from both Kellyanne and George during the episode. It looks like George will be there in person while Kellyanne will join them via video chat.

American Idol is doing things a little differently this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Check out the video below to find out all the tea about the upcoming season.

Claudia was previously involved in a nude photo scandal where she accused her mother of leaking her nude photos on Twitter. She followed up a tearful video saying that she thinks her mother was hacked.


Season 19 of American Idol premieres on February 14 at 8pm on ABC.


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