Evvie McKinney ‘The Four’ Winner: Where Is She Now?

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The Four is back on television and to celebrate last week’s premiere, we’re taking a look down memory lane with season one’s winner, Evvie McKinney. Along with the title, she won a record deal with Republic Records and named iHeartRadio’s next On The Verge Artist. So what’s she been up to since her big win in February? Diddy dished out all the details. 

Evvie stood out in season one’s competition with her raw performances and soulful voice. Her father inspired her to pursue music, and after his death, she dedicated her efforts to fulfilling not only her dream but his. With her initial audition, she turned heads and won over a huge fan base.

In Diddy’s interview with The Breakfast Club, he talks about Evvie’s plans post her win. Immediately following, she was put through an artist development process, training with the best vocal coaches, dance instructors, and recording in the studio for the last several weeks. He says that he wants her to be 100% ready by the time her first single drops, and hopes that she can debut it at season two’s finale. Evvie will also be making guest appearances during this season, and will surely inspire the current contestants.

Meghan Trainor gushed in an interview about wanting to collaborate with Evvie, and they’re now spending time together in the studio record music. The two formed a special bond during the show. In one of Evvie’s Instagram posts, she writes, “just last summer, I was bumping to your ‘Thank You’ album, driving my 2003 Chevrolet to Baltimore, MD to follow my dreams. Now I’m actually writing music with your amazing self.” Sounds like some great music is in the mix with these two ladies, and we can’t wait to hear it!

Though Evvie won the show, she was not the only one to find success. Her competitor Zhavia went on to land a record deal with Sony’s Columbia Records for her upcoming albums. The Four is proving that their show produces star quality talent, and we can’t wait to continue following the careers of these two talented women.


Lauren Mnayarji
Lauren Mnayarji

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