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EPIC BLINDSIDE And Betrayal! Survivor Recap Episode 4

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After last week’s blindside of Vince Moua, how would the Lairo tribe react? Would they be able to beat the Vokai tribe in the immunity challenge? And who would be sent to the Island of the Idols? Check out this week’s recap of Survivor: Island of the Idols to find out!

Find out what Chelsea has to say as the fourth person voted out in SURVIVOR: ISLAND OF THE IDOLS.

After Last Week’s Tribal Council

The Lairo tribe returns from Tribal Council, with Tom making sure Karishma understands what happened. Karishma explains in a Confessional that she’s happy she wasn’t the original target, but the fact that she received three votes tells her she is expendable. Aaron comments that Karishma may be on the bottom, but he has another target on his mind, cuddle buddies Dean and Chelsea. The next morning, Aaron and Missy plot to vote them out.

Idol Hunting On Survivor

We head to Vokai, with everyone leaving camp to do some fishing and gathering. Well, everyone except Jamal. Jamal talks about how he still feels on the bottom after the Molly vote in Episode Two, and that he’d be stupid to not look for an idol. He goes hunting for one, talking about how a previous bad relationship has made him more observant and “connected in the here and now.” He looks into a tree nook, and Jamal finds a Hidden Immunity Idol!

After that, a boat pulls up to the Vokai camp, telling them they most unanimously decide on someone to send to the Island of the Idols. Most of the tribe doesn’t want to go, but Noura volunteers to go, and is sent to the aforementioned island.

Image result for survivor island of the idols statues
The statues of Sandra and Rob on the Island of the Idols.

Noura on the Island of the Idols

Noura arrives on the island and greets “Boston” Rob and Sandra. Rob gets her a watermelon, and explains her lesson to her. He says she needs to learn the art of persuasion, and name drops several past moments in Survivor where great players have been persuasive.

Rob then presents Noura with her test, giving her a preview of the challenge. He tells her if she can convince the tribe to make her the caller at the challenge, she’ll be able to block someone’s vote at her next Tribal Council. If not, she’ll lose her vote at the next challenge. She quickly accepts, and heads back to camp.

Noura arrives back at camp, and gathers the tribe around. She tells the tribe that she got an advantage of knowing the next challenge, but tells them she has to be the caller. They agree, and she tells them the challenge, but the rest of the tribe says she is a terrible caller while they practice.

See which tribe succeeds in this challenge where they’re blindfolded while maneuvering through obstacles and solving a puzzle.

Immunity Challenge On Survivor

Jeff explains the challenge, which is a Survivor classic with a twist. A caller will direct blindfolded tribe-mates through a course to find three keys, which will unlock a puzzle. First tribe to put their puzzle together wins. Noura is sat out by Vokai, causing her to lose her vote at her next Tribal Council. Elizabeth is Lairo’s caller, Jason is the caller for Vokai.

Vokai goes out together, allowing them to slightly edge out Lairo at finding their first key. They then find their next two keys quickly, extending their lead over Lairo. 

Lairo find their next key as Jason leads the rest of Vokai towards the puzzle. Vokai opens their chest as Dean and Chelsea finally find the last key for Lairo. Kellee is doing the puzzle blindfolded, while Jason is calmly directing her. Elizabeth chooses Aaron to do the puzzle. Jason makes a mistake, and Lairo thinks they have it, but they’ve made a mistake too! Elizabeth scrambles, but Jason keeps calm.

Vokai solve the puzzle in the meantime, and win immunity! 


Scramble Time

As Lairo gets back to camp, Karishma talks about how she expects a unanimous vote against her and how she doesn’t want her Survivor experience to end. Dean says he expects that Karishma knows it’s her leaving, and Chelsea agrees that she’s making herself an outsider.

While most want Karishma gone, Aaron decides Dean should go to break up him and Chelsea. He tells the plan to Elizabeth, who says in Confessional that she was shocked, because Dean helps around camp. She then tries to play it cool with both Aaron and Missy.

Elizabeth talks to Elaine about voting for Dean, who says she finds Aaron shady for targeting him when he’s pulling his weight. She then tells Elizabeth that she doesn’t want alienate Chelsea and Tom. Elizabeth tells this reasoning to Aaron, who’s frustrated that no one wants to play. Missy then calls the tribe “sheep.” in Confessional, saying that she has to make a move that doesn’t push anyone away. She then mobilizes against Chelsea, who does have an Immunity Idol, telling Elaine.

Elaine talks about how Missy keeps name-dropping people, which makes her not trust her. Elaine also says that everyone is having little side conversations. She calls tonight, “gut-check time” as we head to Tribal. 


Karishma says how she was the contingency plan at the last Tribal, and how no one wants to talk to her. Elaine then says that everyone moves so fast, that she has no idea what’s going on tonight. Dean says this scrambling is good for Karishma, and Chelsea agrees.

Aaron says a small seed of doubt can sew distrust for him, and Elizabeth says she is thinking about the best move for her, even if it’s the last one that comes out. Elaine says it’s basically Plan Z, and Missy calls it Survivor Russian Roulette.

Karishma says chaos is a ladder, and she’s trying to climb it out. Chelsea says it isn’t fun to crush people’s dreams, but a part of her loves blindsides as we head to the vote. 


The castaways vote, and Jeff retrieves the voting urn. Chelsea does not play her idol.

Karishma receives two votes.
Chelsea receives six votes.

Chelsea is blindsided and eliminated.

Chelsea gets her desired blindside and is voted out of the game, with the only person who’d voted with her being Dean. Jeff says he guesses that was Plan Z as the episode ends.

A preview of next week’s episode and Chelsea’s final words.

In the preview next week’s episode, it looks like there’s going to be a TRIBE SWAP! Who will be on a tribe with who? Will Dean get his revenge for Chelsea’s blindside? And who will be sent to the Island of the Idols? Tune in to next week’s episode of Survivor at 8/7 Central on CBS to find out!

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