Did Demi Lovato Shade Ex Wilmer Valderrama In New Music Video?

Demi Lovato 'I Love Me' Music VideoSamantha Agate | Talent Recap

Demi Lovato came back fiercer than ever in her new music video for the song “I Love Me.” It is a song about self-love and acceptance. She commands attention in a floor-length red leather coat and a bold red lip. But fans couldn’t help but notice a bride and a groom running across the screen towards the end of the video. Lovato looks off at them as they exit the screen.  

Who Are The Bride And Groom In Demi Lovato’s Video?

There has been a ton of speculation that the bride and groom represent Lovato’s former boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama and his new fiancée Amanda Pacheco. The two recently got engaged in January after dating for eight months.

The bride and groom run across the screen right after a scene depicting Lovato’s overdose. In the video, Lovato walks by a past version of herself laying on a stretcher and being brought into an ambulance, no doubt a nod to when she was found unconscious in her home. While this song is clearly about loving herself, it is also very clear that Lovato has an opinion on Valderrama’s new relationship whether it’s good or bad. It could mean that she is ready to move on from their relationship and just wants to see Valderrama happy.

Lovato and Valderrama Have A Long History

Lovato and Valderrama had a rocky relationship over the course of six years. They broke up numerous times before they finally called it quits in 2016, but it never seemed like they were on bad terms with each other. Valderrama did visit Lovato while she was in the hospital after her overdose in 2018 and was there for her while she entered rehab and worked on herself.


A Jonas Brothers Reference Has Everyone Freaking Out

The nod to Valderrama isn’t the only reference to one of Lovato’s ex’s in the video. The camera pans to three men dressed in elaborately decorated suits, with Lovato walking directly next to one of them. There is speculation that these men are the Jonas Brothers. The man she walked next to in the video is believed to be Joe Jonas in particular whom Lovato dated for a brief time in 2010.


While Jonas is now married to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, he and Lovato still remain friends. It is unlikely that the bride and the groom in the video are meant to symbolize Jonas and Turner since they all remain on good terms. He was another celebrity that supported her throughout her battle with drugs and openly spoke out about how he knew that she needed help with her addiction when they were younger. The Jonas Brothers were just some of the celebrities that tweeted their support for Lovato when she was overcoming her addiction.

Coming off of her ground-breaking Grammy performance in January and her flawless performance of the National Anthem at The Super Bowl, it is clear that Lovato is ready to reclaim her crown as a pop diva and assert her new message of positivity and empowerment.


Samantha Agate
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