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Derek Hough: Dancer by Day, Photographer by Night

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Dancing With The Stars judge, Derek Hough, shared with the world that he has a secret talent outside the dancing world. In case dancing, choreographing, acting, and singing wasn’t enough for you, let’s take a look at another one of Derek Hough’s talents: photography.

“Photography has been a hobby of mine for the past decade,” said Hough in a recent Instagram post. “But tonight I think I captured my favorite Night shots to date.”

Hough is currently in Kenya, Africa, and definitely didn’t forget to bring his camera along with him. He posted a photo titled “KENYA SKY” to both of his Instagram pages, @Derekhough, and @Dhoughphotography.

This photo was also Hough’s first post on @Dhoughphotography since October 2019.

You don’t need to know much about photography to know that this is an extremely difficult photo to take. It requires the knowledge of camera settings, and the eye for what can be framed, while in the dark.

Hough was so excited about how clear the milky way could be seen from Kenya. He even posted videos of him talking about it on his Instagram story. Throughout these videos, Hough seems like a kid in a candy store, especially when showing the photos he got.

Before Edits

For those who don’t know much about photography, a RAW photo is a photo taken directly on a camera that has not been edited in any way. Most photographers bring RAW files into software such as Adobe Lightroom to edit before they’re finalized. In short, Hough was showing fans what these photos looked like before editing.

“Man, I’ve never taken photos like this before, that sky is insane,” said Hough in disbelief before repeating. “That sky is insane, wow.”

From the blind eye, it looks like this photo hasn’t been edited. If it has, it was extremely minimal.

After scrolling through his page, it can be seen that this wasn’t Hough’s first time shooting the stars. His first published night shot was posted on January 18, 2016 without a caption.

Creation of Dedicated Photography Page

Derek Hough published his first photo on @Dhoughphotography on January 6, 2016. This dancer has had a knack for photography for longer than some might’ve known. His original post got 745 likes and was a photo of the ocean (location not specified).

“After getting to know myself more I feel drawn to the energy that surrounds us all,” said Hough in the post. “I’m fascinated and compelled to capture a moment of this energy and of this beautiful planet.”

Hough has since posted an array of photos, all within the category of nature photography. He shoots on a Cannon R5 EOS. He has over 15,000 followers on this Instagram, with 67 posts.

Hopefully Hough will be able to post more on @Dhoughphotography in the near future before Dancing With A Stars comes back for season 30. ABC has renewed DWTS for a 30th season, but has not yet released a premiere date.

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