Demi Lovato Thinks It Would Be “So Much Fun” To Have Children With A Woman

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Demi Lovato is in a relationship with actor Max Erich and it has got her thinking a lot about her future. The star opened up about being sexually fluid and may be uncertain about which gender she wants to have children with when the time comes.

Demi Lovato Is Sexually Fluid And Can Find Love In Any Gender

According to Celebrentertainment, Lovato said, “When I imagine my life in the future, I don’t say, ‘I’m looking for a man who I want to have two or three kids with.’ I think it could be so much fun to share children with a woman … So I don’t know what my future will look like, and I’m open to anything.” She made it very clear that she does not have a preference of the gender of the person she starts a family with.

In her 2019 YouTube documentary Simply Complicated, she finally opened up and acknowledged that she was open to dating both men and women. “I am open to human connection, so whether that’s through a male or a female it doesn’t matter to me,” the singer said. The documentary gave an intimate look at Lovato’s life and shared many personal details about the star including her struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Her Ex-Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama Recently Got Engaged

Wilmer Valderrama and his new fiancée Amanda Pacheco recently got engaged in January. He and Lovato dated on and off for six years but eventually called it quits in 2016. In a Harpers Baazar spread, Lovato opened up about how she felt about the engagement. “I’m really happy for him and I wish him nothing but the best, but we’re not in each other’s lives [and] haven’t spoken in a long time. But I think I needed that because I needed to learn to be okay on my own.”


Lovato referenced her former relationship in her music video for the song “I Love Me.” In the video, a bride and groom run across the screen while Lovato looks on. This is clearly a nod to the newly engaged couple. However, it seems like Lovato has no ill will towards them and wishes them “nothing but the best.”

There Is One Celebrity In Particular That She Wants To Make Out With

Lovato has never been shy about her crush on fellow powerhouse performer, Rihanna. In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she said “Look, I just wanna make out, okay? I mean, we could do a song together too. Maybe we make out in the video. I don’t know.” We would definitely love to see the two collaborate on a song together.

It looks like Lovato’s new boyfriend Ehrich might be competing for her affection if Rihanna ever collaborated with Lovato. Lovato and Ehrich have been appearing more together as they go out grocery shopping and for walks during the California lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. She even made an accidental appearance on Ehrich’s Instagram Live. He also posted this adorable pic with Lovato’s dog.


The pair have been exchanging flirty Instagram comments and seem smitten. While their relationship is still fairly new, we wish them nothing but happiness, especially being stuck together during a quarantine!

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