Comedian Kicked Out Off ‘AGT’ After Insulting Simon Cowell — Returns For MORE Insults

Alex Hooper was on America's Got Talent

Last time Alex Hooper was on America’s Got Talent, he roasted the judge on AGT panel to an extent that they all pressed the red buzzer on him. Alex was brutal, tough, and downright harsh, the kind of comedy that borderlines on roasting, oh wait, it was roasting…

That was 2 years ago and now Alex is back and as per our sources, he plans to stay on the same track. So lets hope, he doesn’t get booed this time around. Also since we don’t have Mel B in the panel and Heidi is out sick for this week too, maybe he does have a good shot because if you remember, Simon did kind of like him.

Alex Hooper Is Back On ‘America’s Got Talent’ To Insult Simon Cowell Some More

That is not to say Alex went down without a fight, one year after AGT aired his audition, he opened up about his experience in ana article on Medium.

He wrote, “Every time the buzzer went off it caused a ripple of revulsion from my head to my feet. I’ve had bad shows. I’ve never been buzzed and had to watch an enormous red letter of disapproval light up in front of me.”

He added, “It hurt, but I secretly knew I couldn’t show it. Shake your tail. Keep going. And I did. I fought back tears the whole way home.”

That hurts to read and don’t you just want to give him a hug after reading this?


He tried his best to explain himself that he did a good job and lets face it, he did. I would never have the guts to insult the judges to a degree that he did, right on their face.

He wrote about his experience, “You’re a good comedian, Alex. That’s why they hated you. You were playing a villain. They were supposed to hate you. You did it. You survived.”

You did Alex, you did.

So imagine my sheer surprise on seeing his name on tonight’s list of performance, will he make it through? Will this AGT panel of judges take his jokes better than the last one? We’ll find out!


Mriganka Chawla
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