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Cody Rigsby Performs ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Routine From Home Due to Covid-19

Dancing with the Stars Cody RigsbyInstagram/Cody Rigsby

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Professional dancer and seasoned Dancing with the Stars coach Cheryl Burke tested positive for Covid-19 last week. She and partner Cody Rigsby sat out to socially distance and recover, but this week, they performed from home– another first for season 30. Judge Derek Hough also sat out this week due to Covid-19 exposure.

“If you think you were going to count me out during Britney night, think again America,” Rigsby said. “If there’s anything I’ve learned from Britney Spears, it’s a comeback baby.”

Before the show, Burke shared a behind the scenes video of her remote set up including stage lights all around her living room. Rigsby also danced from his living room, sharing:

“Live from my living room it’s Britney week at @dancingabc ⭐️🕺🏻Don’t ever count yourself out, there is always a way out and up. With Britney Spears in rotation tonight please be prepared to F*ck 💩 ⬆️ and vote!”

The two performed a jazz routine live on split-screen to Spears’s “Gimme More.” Unfortunately, dancing remotely and streaming in for the performance was just as awkward as it sounds.

“It’s very difficult to judge,” judge Bruno Tonioli said. “I know you’re both good, I love you but…it’s a very very good effort.”

The judges each gave them a score of 6 for a final score of 18 out of 30. Sadly, the two have clearly lost their lead in the competition.


Is Dancing From Home Fair to the Competition?

Surprise, surprise, not everyone is on board with these special circumstances. Fans immediately wondered if it was fair for a couple to dance from home while the rest of the competitors are dancing in front of the live studio audience.

Many questioned the pivot to dance-from-home when, in previous seasons, dancers who are hurt or sick are forced to leave the competition. This special exception for testing positive for Covid-19 is a totally new route.

“I’ve got to break down my living room, I’ve got to set up a whole camera set, and I have to learn the choreography,” said Rigsby.

While I can understand dancing from the comfort of home may sound like a perk, it’s comical that people have also forgotten these two are dancing with Covid. Imagine being sick and you still have to learn a dance within one week and then perform it live while wearing a tight outfit, uncomfortable shoes, and smiling. Then, someone gets to critique your effort and skill.

“Bravo to both of you for dancing with Covid because I know Covid is no joke, so I’m very impressed with both of you. We have to judge it according to what we have in this ballroom and did that compare, not quite,” said Carrie Ann Inaba.

While the Burke and Rigsby shared that they were both feeling well, I think the benefits of dancing from home are far outweighed by how miserable it must be to battle an illness and also work this hard. Not to mention, Rigsby and Burke were also at a disadvantage by never getting to work on this routine in-person. Rigsby had to totally learn based on Burke’s screen lessons.

This is a first for a reason, it’s hard to do this type of collaborative work from home. Burke and Rigsby deserve a lot of credit for not only accomplishing this remotely, but for dancing their hearts out while sick. It has not yet been determined how the two will move forward in the competition, assuming they are not eliminated tonight. Until they test negative, we can assume they will be allowed to dance remotely as long as partner contact is not necessary for the dance.

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Elissa Polski
Elissa Polski
2 years ago

 🙂 no idea

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