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These Big Celebrities Watch ‘AGT’ And Here’s How We Know

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I have a confession to make to you, our devoted readers: America’s Got Talent is my favorite of all the shows we cover. Perhaps it’s because I enjoy all the wacky variety of acts the show brings on. It’s not that the singing shows aren’t great, but I love that you never know what you are going to see. Here are some celebrities over the years that also love AGT and have tweeted about an act they loved:

Oprah Winfrey

Celebrity Oprah Whinfrey tweets agt
Rebecca Sapp | Getty Images

OK, this is a big get for the show. After all, Oprah is the queen of media. Oprah recently tweeted this about AGT phenom Kodi Lee:

It must have felt amazing for Kodi to get recognition from such a media legend. Maybe if he wins she’ll interview him. I’d watch that. Or maybe she’ll just send him a basket of her favorite things like salt water taffy or a blanket made of t shirts.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen is a long time supporter of AGT. She regularly has contestants on as guests and genuinely seems to follow the show. She also tweeted about Kodi Lee recently and who can forget AGT champ Shin Lim coming on her show? It makes sense that Ellen would love AGT. She’s got a pretty wacky sense of humor.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson talks agt

Kelly is reality competition show royalty. As the OG winner of American Idol, she knows a thing or two about competing on these shows. Now, as a coach on The Voice, she knows how to spot the talent on the other side of the camera. She too saw how special Kodi Lee is,

AGT is also a show that Kelly can watch with her whole family. I bet they order hot wings and pizza from Dominoes and watch the show. That’s the image I see in my head.

Jermaine Dupri


The music mogul and legendary producer is a fan of the show and he was particularly taken by Flujae, a young rapper who was on last season. She had some serious skills and Jermaine should know. He tweeted,

He should give her a record contract STAT. Maybe she could be another AGT success story.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen tweets about agt

You knew Chrissy was going to be on this list. She is possibly America’s greatest public critic of reality TV. She doesn’t just watch her husband on The Voice, she’s into AGT big time. She recently retweeted AGT Champion’s Ksenyia Simonova’s crazy sand art. She said,

Terry Crews was excited that Chrissy agreed with his having chosen Ksenyia as his Golden Buzzer. When the queen speaks, Terry listens.


Jeff Dunham

It’s no surprise that the world’s most famous ventriloquist comedian would be a fan of AGT. After all, it’s where a lot of the up-and-coming talent is coming from. He’s praised AGT winner Terry Fator before but he’s a serious fan of Darci Lynne. Who isn’t?

Getty Images

Jimmy Fallon

The host of the Tonight Show has AGT winners and fan favorites on the show all the time and he seems to get a genuine kick out of them. He’s also mentioned on the show that he watches with his family. Here he is having his mind blown by two time AGT winner Shin Lim.

Facebook/Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

A couple of seasons ago a singer came on AGT and blew everyone’s socks off by the name of Michael Ketterer. Simon put it out in the universe that he should team up with Garth Brooks and Garth must have been watching because he wrote a song for Michael. Unfortunately, this partnership was short-lived after Michael was arrested for domestic abuse and Garth pulled out.


Pee Wee Herman

The alter ego of comedian Paul Ruebens seems to be a regular viewer of AGT and it’s easy to see why…it’s full of weird acts like him. But he had something to say about this week’s contestant Andy Rowell. Many have accused him of stealing from the late comedian Andy Kaufman. Pee Wee agrees. You see Rubens came up around the same time as Kaufman in the LA comedy scene…come to think of it, so did Howie Mandel.

Associated Press

Robert Smigel

You might know genius comedy writer/performer Robert Smigel from his work on Conan O’Brien’s shows and Saturday Night Live. His most famous creation is foul-mouthed rubber puppet Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Smigel is also an advocate for people living with autism, people like his son. After Kodi Lee’s appearance a few weeks ago he wrote several tweets from the Triumph account praising AGT for showcasing someone living with autism and showing that they are capable of great things.

Bashar Al Assad


OK, I know this one is weird…which is why I put it on the list. Apparently, the optometrist turned ruthless dictator of Syria REALLY loves AGT. Like, a lot. In an email obtained from intelligence sources, Assad sent an email to his wife praising a 2011 episode of AGT as having “The best illusion of all time” and that it was like “David Copperfield”. So, while his troops are murdering his people he’s trolling YouTube looking at AGT clips. Fantastic.

Oprah, Ellen, Kelly Clarkson and other celebrities who watch and tweet about agt
An email that was sent by the Syrian dictator to his wife regarding an ‘AGT’ act
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