Can This TikTok Star Be The Next Kelly Clarkson On ‘American Idol’?

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American Idol is bringing in another social media star to an already exciting season. Mary Jo Young, a 19-year-old from Cleveland, Ohio got the chance to audition. Though she comes from a musical family and has been singing since she was little, she has never actually performed for anyone other than her followers online. Check out her audition below.

Mary Jo Young Sings In Front Of Mom For First Time Ever

Mary Jo often posts viral song covers for her 263,000 TikTok followers. But, she was still a little nervous auditioning for American Idol. “This is very bright, I feel like I’m entering heaven” she jokes walking into the audition room.

For her big audition, Mary Jo sings “You Broke Me First” by Tate McRae. The judges are all very impressed by her range and power of her voice. Luke Bryan began asking Mary Jo about performing in front of live crowds and her own mother.

“I’ve never really sung in front of my mom,” Mary Jo says. The judges feel like this is the perfect time for Mary Jo’s mom Elizabeth to hear her sing for the first time. They bring her into the audition room to have Mary Jo sing in front of her. Of course, like any proud mom, she was so happy to see her daughter thriving.


After absolutely smashing the second song and putting a smile on her mom’s face, the judges were even more impressed. “So that’s my voice, mom,” Mary Jo says after the song causing everyone to laugh.

Did The Judges Put Her Through To Hollywood?

It was time for the judges to vote even though the smiles on their faces tells us everything we need to know. “I’m kind of in love with the idea of watching you grow actually on this show” Lionel Richie says. “You’re going to learn everything from American Idol.”

“Mary Jo, never forget where you came from no matter how far you end up going,” Katy Perry says. Luke even thinks that she could make it to the Top 10. All three judges are in agreeance that she needs to go to Hollywood.

“I was originally scared to do the show because I hadn’t sung in front of anyone, let alone three of the most famous artists in the world,” she said in an interview. “I’ll always be nervous in front of Katy Perry.”

Fans of American Idol are also already buzzing about Mary Jo in the comments section on YouTube. “She’s definitely Top 10 if not the winner,” one person wrote.

“She is so gorgeous. I love her voice. I know her mom was happy to hear her sing. Excited to see her growth on this show” another fan wrote.


Do you think Mary Jo has what it takes to be the next Kelly Clarkson on American Idol or are TikTok stars just overrated? Let us know in the comments down below!


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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