‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Is Back With Some Amazing Auditions



Alright, folks, Britain’s Got Talent is back and as always they didn’t disappoint. It was a wonderfully weird assortment of acts that delighted and tormented the judges. There was more than one act that made Simon’s exposed chest hair stand on end in tension. Good stuff.

Sascha Williams

Sascha seemed like he was going to go far in his intro…until he started doing his act. He began balancing himself on a progressive and smaller barrels and it was thrilling to watch. He got four yeses.

DMU Gospel Choir

Who doesn’t love a good gospel choir? These guys are particularly good too. They sang Oh, Happy Day and I will Follow Him, which if the Sister Act movies taught us anything, are crowd pleasers. They got four yeses.

Robert White

Doing comedy music can be fraught with peril. Because usually it’s not funny. Like, at all. Robert did an admirable job telling the bizarre story of the judges taking their computers in to get fixed. He got four yeses.

Calum Courtney

The Got Talent shows love their kids and Calum is a really talented child singer she wants to follow in his famous granny’s footsteps. He was great and got 4 yeses.

Mr Uekusa

Did I mention some of these acts were weird? Mr. Uekusa did the famous taking the table cloth off the table and not disturbing the dishes…only he did it on his naked body. Simon could not get behind it. The only one that is going to have exposed flesh on that stage is him. But he got three yeses.


These kids are the children of Diversity, the act that won BGT season 3. Now their progeny are back to show off their dancing skills and easily got four yeses.

B-Positive Choir

Another choir but this one has a message other than Jesus. They all suffer from sickle cell anemia and want to encourage people to donate blood. A good cause indeed. They got four yeses.

Marty Putz

Prop comics are probably the lowest form of comedian, however when Marty shot tons of toilet paper on Simon Cowell, he won over the judges and got four yeses.

Matt Johnson

Matt did the classic escape from a box filled with water trick and really had the judges going as he went over the time limit he said he could hold his breath. This of course was misdirection to up the tension and he got out fine. He got four yeses.

Laura and Rich

They promised a sword fighting spectacle worthy of Game of Thrones but reminded me more of when my friends and I would have fake sword fights at the Renaissance Festival back in Texas. Four nos.

Julian Ellis

Julian is maybe the weirdest act of the night and that’s saying something. He brought David on stage and made him into a cow. When he asked for a mate the judges stopped him. Four nos.

Marc Spelmann

Marc got Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer for his charming magic act. He also had a pretty tremendous sob story of his unborn daughter surviving his wife’s chemo. Wowsers.

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