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Brandon Leake: Spoken Poet’s Possible New Career Path

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Brandon Leake won Season 15 of America’s Got Talent in Sept. 2020 and has since made the absolute most he could out of his new-found fame. He’s been on The Ellen Show, held live performances, meet and greets, and announced new projects. 

What was he going to do with the money?

On The Ellen Show, the infamous host asked all the questions fans wanted answers to:

“Sallie Mae is waiting for me to give her a call and pay off some of my student loans, as well as those people who got the mortgage on my house, but I’m looking forward to giving back to Stockton,” Leake told her. 

When Leake originally auditioned for AGT, he mentioned that he had been teaching 11th grade and had just become a counselor at a community college. But, in this conversation, he furthered his educator status. 

“I was leading poetry workshops in town with grade school kids and we had published over 700 youth in the past three years and so this upcoming time I’m really looking forward to going back, whether it be virtual or in person to be able to make sure that I’m not the last poet out of Stockton,” he continued.

New Representation and Projects

Since winning the show, Leake has signed with United Talent Agency. This California based Talent Agency represents artists and other professionals in the entertainment industry.

Leake was also a co-producer of the virtual video series- HATE What are YOU going to do? This video series included six live 45 minute virtual programs that explored the state of hate worldwide. This series provided a look at hate through the eyes of current students. The web series was created through the Team Harmony Foundation, which is committed to educating, inspiring and engaging youth in the battle against all forms of hate. 

Leake often used his art of spoken word poetry to discuss social issues, so it is not a surprise that this initiative would be something he would take part in. 

This year, he’s also performed at many comedy clubs (and posted photos from each on Instagram). Shared adorable photos with his family. Reminisced on what it felt like to win AGT. Told Instagram that he wants to hire a part time assistant. Posted TikToks. Shared poems to social media. Had more spoken word performances. Uploaded to YouTube. And announced that he’s filming a movie that he wrote! Leake clearly doesn’t seem to take a day off.

“Cameras rolling, action!”

Those are the newest words spoken by Leake. The artist has transformed his career into something different from what fans saw on the AGT stage. While in college, Leake began a non-profit and business called Called to Move.

“It was an eclectic group of weirdos on campus who didn’t really have a place, but we were all artists who wanted something to be able to call our own and to share,” Leake said on the Ellen show. 

The information within Called to Move’s website and Leakes instagram are the only details that can be found about his film online, as of right now. 

“Tomorrow we begin filming a movie I wrote four years ago. Earlier this week I had a life changing meeting and now I get to add another life changing event to this year. Brandon Leake, poet, educator, FILM MAKER! Always chase after your dreams,” Leake wrote in an announcement on Instagram.

Called to Move’s form shared that there are 10 roles that have been filmed since April.

Leake’s fans were supportive when he decided to make this career pivot. The comments on his social media posts were filled with fans congratulating him and cheering him and his writing on. 

It’s exciting to see what Leake will do next in his career. He came to AGT as a former 11th grade teacher turned counselor at a local community college, and left as a spoken word poet, motivational speaker, and filmmaker, which goes to show the doors that can be opened on AGT.

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