The Blind Auditions Continue: ‘The Voice’ Night Two Recap

Lauren Mnayarji | Talent Recap

We’re back for night two of ‘The Voice’ blind auditions as JHud, Blake, Adam, and Kelly battle it out to bring the best contestants to their teams. The line-up for tonight did not disappoint, so let’s take a look at these contestants! 

Keith Paluso (Team Blake) 

Starting the night off on the right foot, we have Keith from Memphis, TN singing Way Down We Go by Kaleo. He impressed Blake so much that he used his one and only block to make sure Adam didn’t have the chance of bringing him on his team. This left Blake as the only one to turn around for Keith and he joined his team. JHud complimented him on his depth and Kelly made a comment that she planned on stealing him later in the season. We’ll see if that happens!

Claire DeJean (Team Kelly) 

Another young talented female artist is brought up next, and she doesn’t disappoint. Choosing the song Hurt Somebody by Julia Michaels, this Texas native wows Blake enough to turn first, and Kelly to turn at the last minute. As always, Adam advocates against his frienemy and encourages Claire to pick Kelly, although Blake reminds her that he’s won the show six different times. Quickly Kelly rebuttals saying that he didn’t win last year when she arrived, which seals the deal and adds Claire to her team.

Franc West (Team JHud) 

After leaving the military, this Atlanta native found his love for music after serving. He performed to the song Sitting on the Dock of the Bay and impressed Jennifer Hudson enough for her to turn around for him. She compliments Franc on his uniqueness and welcomes him to her team.

Michael Lee (Team Blake) 

Performing to The Thrill is Gone by BB King, this Fort Worth, TX native performs so well that three judges turn around. Blake says he’d be honored to have Michael on his team, while Adam argues that he was the first to turn around and understand’s his style and music. Kelly encourages him to pick a team that he would stand out on (referencing to Jennifer) but ultimately Michael goes with Team Blake.


Ele Ivory

Singing Jump by Julia Michaels, this Nashville native’s day job is working in a cave. Although her performance was so close to having a couple of the judges turn around, they all said there were pitch issues that they want Ele to work through. She is the second contestant to have a chance at the comebacks in hopes of making it this season.

DeAndre Nico (Team Adam)

Saving the best for last was a four-chair turn around for DeAndre. Singing When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars brought Adam to turn around quickly, followed by JHud, Blake and finally Kelly. Adam stands up to advocate for his case of wanting DeAndre on his team and even goes the extra mile to take his sweater off. They all battle it out for DeAndre, but ultimately he goes with his gut and chooses Adam.

Well there you have it, night two of the Blind Auditions did not disappoint. Tune in next week to read our review of the next batch of contestants that will be stepping onto the stage for Season 15 of The Voice!



Lauren Mnayarji
Lauren Mnayarji

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