BGT’s Disabled 5-Year-Old Ruthlessly Bullied Online: He ‘Should Have Been Aborted’

BGT’s Disabled 5-Year-Old Abused Online- He ‘Should Have Been Aborted’BGT YouTube

Golden Buzzer act, Sign Along With Us were fan favorites when they hit the screens of millions last year on BGT. Now, member, Jade, and her mother have come forward to discuss the online abuse disabled five-year-old Christian has received since appearing on the show.

‘BGT’ Contestant From ‘Sign Along With Us’ Faces Online Trolling

Season 14 Britain’s Got Talent contestant, Jade Kilduff appeared on ITV’s This Morning this week to discuss the online abuse and trolling that her disabled brother has received after appearing on the show. The two auditioned as ‘Sign Along With Us’ back in 2020, receiving David Walliam’s Golden Buzzer.


Jade spoke on abuse and death threats that 5-year-old Christian, with cerebral palsy, has received online. “With getting more followers, you get so many more supporters but you get more trolls and their awful comments,” Kilduff told the daytime show.

“Unfortunately for us, they’re all aimed at Christian, and he’s five years old – it’s so cowardly, it’s all aimed at the five-year-old who’s done nothing to deserve anything,” her mum, Diana added. The two mentioned that a lot of the online hate has included disability slur words.

Britain's Got Talent 2020: Sign Along With Us have fans in tears again |  Metro News
Sign Along With Us received David Walliam’s Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent. Source: Britain’s Got Talent YouTube

They continued, speaking openly about the death threats that Christian has received on social media: “Things about the ways they’d like to kill him and just horrendous things. Things that no one should have to read ever.”

Jade and her mother were joined by television personality, Katie Price. Price is currently involved in a larger campaign for those involved in serious cases of online trolling to be met with stricter consequences. This comes after her disabled son, Harvey has recently faced similar hate online.

Twitter Responds To The Online Abuse Towards Christian

After Jade and her mother’s interview on This Morning aired, many took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the matter.

“It’s absolutely awful. A 5 year old child receiving this abuse is despicable. Attacking someone who can’t attack back is sickening. Social media platforms need to take this abuse more seriously and act on it,” wrote one user.


Another wrote: “So saddening you as a family have to read such shocking and cruel comments about this wonderful gorgeous happy little five year old who is such a joy , my heart and love goes out to you all!!! Love you Jade and Diana and all the Kilduff family!”


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