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‘BGT: The Ultimate Magician’ Judge Penn Jillette Says ‘AGT’ Star Piff the Magic Dragon Is The Best Hunk Ever

Piff The Magician and Penn Jillette at Global Gaming Expo's Seventh Annual Casino Entertainment AwardsPhoto by Greg Doherty/Getty Images

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Television personality Penn Jillette recently praised America’s Got Talent standout Piff the Magic Dragon for his magical abilities. He also revealed how their show Fool Us became a way for Piff to get popular in AGT.

Penn Jillette Says Piff The Magic Dragon is One of AGT’s Best

In the latest episode of the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast, Penn Jillette made a confession as one of the famous magicians on television. For him, interestingly, Piff The Magic Dragon is “the best hunk I’ve ever seen on air.”

“He’s a great great man,” Jillette said.

During the podcast, the other half of Penn & Teller revisited his fascination over Piff’s Semifinal performance. This was when Piff made his dog Mr. Piffles create an Anupama drink for Mandel on the spot. Mandel, who also remembered such spellbinding moment, has affirmed Jillette’s opinion.

“He’s not only a great man, he’s incredibly talented, he’s incredibly funny,” Mandel said.

Piff, who is Jillette’s dear friend, joined America’s Got Talent season 10. He reached the Finale of competition, although he ended up in the Bottom five of the Top 10. Nonetheless, Piff The Magic Dragon has become AGT’s fan-favorite magicians until today.

He Recalls How AGT Invited Piff The Magic Dragon to Audition

Evidently, Jillette puts Piff on a high regard, being one of the first people to grace Fool Us. He then stated that there’s a “direct pipeline” from Fool Us to America’s Got Talent.

America’s Got Talent bookers call up [Piff] and say ‘just do the same,'” he said.

According to him, it’s only right that Piff joined the show, since nobody saw Fool Us as a real show. To that Mandel disagreed.

“I didn’t really follow magic as a young person, but you were the first magicians that kind of crossed the line between magic and comedy,” Mandel said.

Mandel further explained his point by saying that Jillette and Piff are among the few magicians he was aware off before. And with Jillette becoming a household name during his time, Mandel believed that not all magic tricks can be impressive if illusionists themselves are not entertaining enough.

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