Beane Performs on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ After ‘American Idol’ Elimination


One of the most memorable and talented contestants from Season 19 of American Idol is Beane. The 23-year-old wedding singer was eliminated just before the Top 10, but he’s the real winner here after getting the opportunity to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Beane Credits ‘American Idol’ for Giving Him ‘Freedom’

Beane was all smiles as he sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to dish on his American Idol experience. He was originally scared to audition for the show because of where he is from.


“I come from a small town in central P.A., Williamsport. I love my people from Williamsport, but I definitely don’t walk around there in my getup,” he said. “So I think anytime you put yourself out there in such a way, you’re leaving yourself open for judgment and exposure and comments, but people from back home have been nothing but sweet.”

“I think the freedom that American Idol gave me to dress how I wanted and present as an artist was super, super lovely, to really feel like myself every time I was on stage,” he added.

Beane had some pretty iconic looks on the show including his stunning turquoise suit that he wore for his final performance of “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life.”

He Spoke About His Unforgettable Performance in the Celebrity Duet Challenge

Beane also spoke on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about his unforgettable moment singing “Angels” by Robbie Williams with his duet partner Josh Groban. Beane, who is openly gay, changed one of the pronouns in the song to make it more personal to him.

“We did a little pronoun shift and he was so wonderful,” he told DeGeneres. “He let me sing the word ‘he’ instead of ‘she’ and it’s like those tiny little moments — it kind of correlates to painting a hand or a little bit of eyeliner, whatever — that I think kind of acts as almost a form of protest, in a way, just changing the norm a little bit. Maybe not screaming about who I am, but those little kind of tweaks I think let people have themselves be seen.”

Judge Katy Perry said that she was ready to sign Beane to a record deal after this performance.

DeGeneres had Beane perform an acoustic version of “Searching for a Feeling” by Thirdstory. He previously performed this song on American Idol, but was not happy with the performance. This was a chance at redemption for him and this version did not disappoint.

Beane was one of three performers sent packing this week on American Idol after The Comeback twist was introduced. Check out our recap show below where we discuss everything that happened this week along with an exclusive interview with Hunter Metts.


“Exactly the type of power moves I expected from you king,” Metts commented once Beane announced he would be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Samantha Agate
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