Audience “Boos” Bizarre Performance on ‘X Factor’


Contemporary dancer Ivo Dimchev confused the X Factor audience and judges with his strong accent and strange backup dancers. The 42-year-old, who auditioned with his chest showing, delivered a very weird performance. But the judges could not keep their eyes off him. Simon Cowell was mesmerized by Ivo and tells him he found the whole thing fascinating. Aside from the judges, the audience did not like Ivo and booed his performance many times.

Ivo’s Bizarre Backup Dancers

Ivo tells the cameras backstage that he’s not afraid to experiment with music. Which was obvious during his performance. Before starting his audition he automatically got the judge’s attention with his interesting choice of clothing.

“Did you borrow that from Simon?” joked Ayda Fields. Ivo explains he felt it was way too proper and decided to bring a different style from the other contestants.

His outfit choice was the least odd thing about him. When he tries to explain what his song “Lucky Day” is about, he ends up confusing the judges even more.

“What the bloody hell does that mean?” joked Cowell.

The audience and judges were not ready for what came next as four dancers dressed just like him came out with a chair to perform in the background. Even though Ivo has a great voice, it was hard to keep attention on him with everything that was going on. At one point, one of the dancers sat on his lap while he sang, and Ayda followed and sat on Robbie Williams lap to mock.

It was very confusing as the dancers were all doing different things such as sitting on the floor doing random hand motions. The audience did not like what they were seeing and many times they booed him, even one member even yelled for him to get off the stage.

The audience was much tougher on Ivo then the judges who actually really liked him. Simon, Ayda, and Robbie all give him yeses to continue going on the competition.

“I don’t think people understand entertainment A lot of the time, I couldn’t take my eyes off you.” Says Robbie. Louis Tomlinson was the only judge that really did not like Ivo. He explained the performance was just way too weird for him and gave him a no.


What Happened to Ivo Dimchev?

The strange singer did continue pretty strongly in the competition. He even shocked the viewers when he beat another contestant on the six-chair challenge. Despite not winning The X Factor UK, Ivo continues to sing and post on his Youtube channel where he has 19 thousand subscribers.


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