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Anna Graceman Bounces Back with New Music Video After ‘Songland’ Drama

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In 2020, Anna Graceman got the opportunity of a lifetime on the NBC show Songland. Bebe Rexha chose to mix Anna’s song “Bones” and Greg Scott’s song “Miracle.” The smash hit was set to be the Olympic coverage theme this year. The Jonas Brother’s song “Remember This” was used instead. Anna is not letting that get her down. She just released the music video for her song “Broke.”

Singer Anna Graceman Delivers Stunning Music Video After ‘Songland’ Snub

Anna first became a viral singing sensation when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent at the age of 11. She sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys which earned her a standing ovation from Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne. She made it to the Top 10 on Season 6 of the show. Since then, she has really been showcasing her songwriting skills as much as possible.

“I was in the first grade and had recently discovered in school that I loved to write stories,” she said in an interview. “I’d been playing piano for a couple of years at that point and soon realized that I could combine my love for writing and my love for music. Once I discovered music, there was no stopping me.”

On Songland, Bebe applauded Anna for her strong melodies in her song. Those same melodies are the star of “Broke.” The cinematography for the “Broke” music video is incredible. All of the shifts in lighting and camera transitions really add to the build-up of the song. Anna co-wrote the song which is very evident from the deep lyrics. She gives fans Maggie Rogers vibes with some of her raspier vocals.

“I really felt this piece,” one fan wrote in a YouTube comment. “I lost a friend recently. I have not felt so broken and angry in so long. This is a wonderful song.”


What Has Anna Been Up to Since Her Last Television Appearance?

In June, Anna’s song “Good Things” was used for an Xbox commercial. The song is off of her 2020 album, The Way The Night Behaves. Many of the songs on this album detail her experiences growing up trying to break through the music industry.

“I’m less than five feet tall…people tend to doubt my abilities at first glance, but the music speaks for itself,” she said. “It’s actually really fun to surprise people when I start singing.”

At the time of the interview, she shared her hopes to write more collaborations with Greg in the near future. Greg has been more vocal about the Songland snub in the media. He told TMZ that he has heard “crickets” from NBC about their decision to not use their song for the Tokyo Olympics coverage.

Anna has been on a roll with her music releases since Songland. She released her first original holiday track called “Evergreen” last year. She followed with a new music release almost every month since then. Her song “Be Alright” was recently used for a Tide commercial. She released it to give fans the opportunity to listen to the full version in July.

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