‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 13 Judge Cuts 3 Recap

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Just when America’s Got Talent was starting to feel a little too predictable, they managed to throw a few surprises in this week. This was easily the best episode of Judge Cuts so far with a lot of talented acts, so it was a little harder to tell which ones would be moving forward to the live shows. I was actually shocked by a couple of the results, and I don’t think I was the only one. Let’s take a look at the seven who moved forward.

The Savitksy Cats

As the first and possibly only animal act to make the live shows this season, these little kitties have a lot on their shoulders. I’ve seen some viewers complain that their tricks were “basic” compared to what we’ve seen some of the dogs acts on this show do, but what a lot of people don’t understand is cats’ and dogs’ brains are very different from one other, and it’s much, MUCH harder to train cats than dogs. Though it does seem like they have a decent amount of fan support, so I’m hoping that enthusiasm translates to votes for them in the next round.

The PAC Dance Team

I could tell from the way their package and backstage clips were edited they would probably make it, but I have to say I was disappointed to see other acts sent home in favor of PAC. While they certainly have passion and raw talent, I didn’t find them nearly as impressive as several other dance groups who have already been cut (including tonight’s Blue Tokyo). I’m honestly kind of baffled by some of the decisions that have been making in regards to the dance acts this season. Which leads me to…

Quin and Misha

While I’m very happy to see an act that doesn’t involve singing get the Golden Buzzer (thanks for coming through on that, Martina!) I can’t help but feel disappointed in happened in this particular Judge Cuts episode and not one of the previous two. The talent was at a significantly higher calibre tonight (even though the judges were harder on the contestants) and while I did enjoy these two and give mad props for her doing all of THAT in her 70’s, I think it’s pretty clear had this duo not received the Golden Buzzer, they would have been eliminated. (But yay for going back to the original purpose of the GB, I guess?)

Noah Guthrie

As if being known for his Glee days wasn’t enough, now Noah is caught in another controversy – being a “second chance singer”. I’m going to do a whole post to elaborate on this topic tomorrow, but with all this negativity being picked up by viewers – even more casual ones – I’m starting to worry for his chances with voters.


It was so great to see another amazing performance from this group! UDI is one of those AGT acts that you can’t see anywhere else on TV, so it’s going to be great to see what they can do in the live shows! Here’s hoping whatever they do next convinces people to pick up the phone and vote for them!

We Three

I know some people find the backstory and heavy-handedness surrounding this act annoying (and I don’t totally disagree) but it’s really nice to see a band on AGT again, and one who I think could potentially do well – maybe even ending up as top 10 finalists.

The Sacred Riana

The controversy surrounding Riana’s Asia’s Got Talent participation and victory remains, but now that we know just how many of the Season 13 acts have already had big career moments it doesn’t seem to be as big a deal anymore. I personally found this to be one of the most captivating performances of the night, but I do harbor concern as to whether her act will do as well with an American audience as it did overseas.

Wildcard Possibilities

Jeffrey Li

Color me shocked that neither Jeffrey nor Angel advanced to the live shows (though the editing put Angel out of the running pretty quickly tonight) and surprisingly, I’m actually kind of disappointed. While I still maintain we’ll probably end up with a bit of an overabundance of kid singers in the live shows, I thought both boys were better than at least a couple of the acts who did make it through tonight. And I think of the two, Jeffrey is more likely to get a wildcard based on how things have been edited.

Fratelli Rossi

It’s frustrating when an act steps up their game and gives it their all, only to be cut anyway (oftentimes in favor of acts who didn’t really do this). It’s rare for balancing acts to advance to the live shows (even really good ones like this) but I’m seeing a lot of support for these guys, so I’m keeping them on my radar for now.

Oliver Graves

This cut made me sad, but I wasn’t totally shocked; I knew some really good people were going to be sent home, and his edit had much less fanfare than most of the others who got full segments this week. I think if Vicki Barbolak ends up being the sole comedian to make it past Judge Cuts, there’s a chance they might bring Oliver back. However, I have a feeling Samuel J. Comroe will make it through next week’s episode, which will porbably diminish Oliver’s chances at returning.

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