“America’s Got Talent” Delivers Its 5th Week of Auditions

Julia Delbel
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I have to be honest, I wasn’t exactly anticipating this episode like I usually do with America’s Got Talent. By the time we’ve been watching auditions for a month the freshness and excitement of the round tend to die down a bit. However, the show seemed to realize fatigue might be setting in and selected a strong, diverse group of performers to showcase. There may not have been any Golden Buzzers given out tonight, but I can definitely see some of these acts going very far in the competition.

Troy James

Human resource worker by day, creepy canine contortionist by night? Troy took the art to a new level, adding a suspenseful and spooky horror theme to give it a fresh take, and received four yeses from the judges!

Vivian Vajda

Vivan flew in all the way from Hungary to show off her jump-rope skills. She delivered a high-engery routine with lots of flips, tricks, and even the splits! I was particularly impressed by her ability to reign the rope in so quickly whenever she’d let go of one of its ends and get right back up to speed with no “down time”. The judges were very impressed, especially Mel B, who gave Vivian a standing ovation and raved about the act.

Joseph O’Brien

Joseph is a singer and pianist who sang an arrangement Lionel Richie’s “Hello” for his audition. He had a great voice and definitely made the song his own. Heidi loved the performance and while the other judges noted it wasn’t perfect, they all saw raw potential in Joseph and unanimously sent him through.

French Accent

This comedian provided his own musical accompaniment with an accordion. His jokes were corny and annoyed the audience (and most of the judges) at first. However, once it became obvious the cheesiness itself was the joke, Mel and Heidi came around and joined Howie in giving him three yeses, resulting in his advancement.

Glennis Grace

Glennis sang “Run To You” by Whitney Houston, and it was kind of eerie how much she sounded like her at times during the song. I had to agree with Mel that I would like to get more of her own unique style in future performances. All four judges sent Glennis through to the next round.

Kenny Thomas

I was very happy to see another danger act this season, and this was an interesting one. He made Howie put on a helmet and lie down on the middle of the stage, and proceeded to jump aorund him…on a motorcycle! He also did a few other neat tricks as he rode around the stage. All four judges enjoyed the act (well maybe “enjoyed” wouldn’t be the right word for Howie’s experience with it) and sent him forward.

Dr. Steven Eisenburg

This San Diego oncologist performed an original song about his mother. I actually think the song had some cheesy charm to it, but I agree with the judges that his voice was nowhere-near AGT-level quality. His mother didn’t take their critiques well at ALL, and came out to give them an earful. She was unable to persuade them, and all four judges turned Steven down.

Rob Lake

Rob started his magic act by sending out flying disks into the audience to choose volunteers, and brought Heidi and Tyra onstage as well. He then went backstage and had Heidi and Tyra stand on a platform in the middle of the stage, with the other volunteers stand all around it. After his assistants gave the ladies on the platform a curtain to hold, Rob counted to three and suddenly appeared inside of it! All four judges were impressed by the trick and sent him forward.

Brian King Joseph

A violinist? We don’t get many of them on AGT, so this was very refreshing to see! Brian delivered a passionate performance of “Lean On” for his audition; an unexpected song choice, but so much fun! It fit his vibe quite nicely, because he definitely proved to be the type to really “feel” the music when performing and it was great to see him smiling and grooving along to it as he played. What was also interesting about this act was the fact that Brian suffers from neuropathy, a progressive nerve disease that painfully takes away the use of a person’s nerves. In Brian’s case, he has already started to feel the effects in his feet and hands, so him playing as well as he did made the act even more impressive.

Andy Huggins

Andy may be on the older side, but he was able to entertain people of all ages (well people over 18, at least; his jokes were pretty dirty). His delivery was very lighthearted and relaxed, which was a nice change of pace from some of the other comedians we’ve seen on AGT. He got three yeses from Simon, Heidi, and Howie, the latter on whom he actually started out in comedy with several decades ago!

Brody Ray

Brody is a singer-songwriter who auditioned with a song that he related to because of his experience with being transgender and transitioning. Simon encouraged him to go with original music in the future rather than covers because he saw potential for him to make it big. The other judges loved the performance as well, and sent Brody through with four yeses.

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