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‘American Idol’ Top 4 Original Songs are Finally Here!


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Sunday’s episode of American Idol is going to be a can’t miss two-hour television event. Each of the remaining four contestants recorded original songs with big-name producers that are out now available on all streaming platforms. They will be performing their original songs live for the very first time ever.

‘American Idol’ Top 4 Release Original Songs

Casey Bishop

Casey Bishop’s song “Love Me Leave Me” was produced by Ian Fitchuk. Out of all of the original songs, hers definitely has the most flair. She is not a conventional artist that can be put into a box. On some days she is a rocker and other days she sings blues. This song finds the perfect balance of all of the different aspects of Casey’s voice.

The hook of the song is super catchy and something that will probably get stuck in your head all day. This is the goal for the contestants. Obviously, they want people to listen to their songs on repeat. They’ve all worked very hard to make this happen and as the youngest artist in the competition, Casey may have just earned herself a ticket to the finale.

Grace Kinstler

Grace Kinstler’s original song called “Love Someone” was produced by Tricky Stewart. She could honestly sing the phone book and we would still listen to it. Her incredible voice is on full display in the song but the lyrics are honestly a little too simple. That’s not Grace’s fault, it’s the American Idol songwriter’s fault.

American Idol has a future superstar on their hands and they absolutely could have written her a better song. Thankfully, Grace is a pro and saves the song with her higher register. But for Grace’s next song we want some Olivia Rodrigo-style songwriting with complex lyrics that she is more than capable of perfectly executing.

Willie Spence

Willie Spence worked with Tricky Stewart on his song “Never Be Alone.” This song sounds like something Celine Dion would sing. Willie’s voice perfectly melts into the lyrics. “Never Be Alone” would be the awesome soundtrack to a movie and sounds like it is deeply personal to Willie.

His grandfather passed away from COVID-19, but Willie knows he is never alone. We are sure that Willie will have the whole room in tears when he performs this song on American Idol on Sunday night. A frontrunner from the very start, do not be surprised if Willie walks away as the winner of Season 19.

Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham’s “23” produced by Ross Copperman sounds like a chart-topping hit. Something we know from watching American Idol for 19 seasons is that instant identity is very important. The second the song starts, immediately Chayce’s voice fills the room. The raspiness and musicality are unmatched by any of the other contestants left in the competition.

The lyrics to Chayce’s song are also more complex than the other three songs. You can tell that he identities with the lyrics because it is essentially the story of his life leading up to turning 24.

Eliminated Contestants Hunter Metts and Arthur Gunn Also Released Songs

Hunter Metts and Arthur Gunn who were eliminated before the Top 5 also recorded original songs that are available on all streaming platforms. Hunter’s song “20,000 Kisses” has major radio potential. It’s everything fans were expecting from him and more. The upbeat and whimsical tune is super catchy and memorable.

Arthur’s song “Save Me Now” is a bit of an unexpected surprise. It’s very different from the arrangements he has been performing on the show. This song allows us to connect with Arthur on a deeper level and proves his original music is captivating and actually has raw emotions behind it.

Top 5 contestant Caleb Kennedy left the competition after a controversial video surfaced. His original song has not been released.



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