American Idol’s Catie Turner…A Fashionista?


Remember how I said that Katy Perry’s style on American Idol is iconic? She might have to step aside because there’s another Catie who I personally believe is a trendsetter. If you guessed Catie Turner, you guessed right! Now whether you agree with me or not, I’m here to tell you, she is indeed a fashionista & we totally should take some style notes from her!

When Catie Turner first stepped into the American Idol audition room, she immediately gave us quirky, super fun but a tad bit awkward vibes but she completely owns it & her style matches her personality perfectly.

Why this is such a look you ask? Because she came to the American Idol audition being authentically herself. Instead of trying to choose a look that’s more “modern” she faced Katy, Lionel, and Luke in an outfit that best represents her. The white boots + major statement piece she’s giving us total hippie babe feels! Anyone else wondering where she got these because #need.

During Hollywood Week, Catie begins to not only show us her love for dresses but specifically dresses with prints! What I love about this dress is that it looks one of a kind. Where exactly did you find the funky green dress? I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s an excellent thrift shopper & knows where to find all the pieces no one else would be able to find!

Also the addition of the belt around the waist? Complete fashionista move.

The floral print on this dress, the shoulder details, the mint green color just in time for spring? I see you Catie! I think we’ve reached that point in the competition where she’s stepping up her fashion game but still keeping the foundation of her style. And it’s working for her! Oh let’s not forget to mention, this dress + her hair color = winning combo.

Just a little while ago she uploaded her latest mirror selfie and one word: SLAY.

What truly makes Catie a fashionista is that she let’s her clothes speak for who she truly is! And isn’t that what fashion is about? Representing your self. Her clothing matches her zany & different personality that America is growing to love & I think it’s a great strategy for her in the competition too. Nobody wants to support someone who seems like a fraud & Catie just seems to be her authentic self – inside and out! Keep being you girl!

Are you feeling Catie’s looks on the show? Let us know in the comments what you think about her American Idol style!



Melissa Boursiquot
Melissa Boursiquot

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