‘American Idol’ Week 2 Recap: A Dramatic Gas Leak Interrupts Auditions

Jill O'Rourke
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American Idol Season 18 continued with a new round of auditions on Sunday night. As always, there were some emotional moments, a few weird performances, and some amazing talent. There was also a pretty dramatic moment involving a gas leak in the middle of auditions.



At one point during the night’s auditions, the judges began to smell gas. They evacuated the building, and Katy collapsed outside. The firefighters said there was a problem with the pilot lights in the kitchen, and everyone was allowed back in. The judges then performed with the firefighters. Check it out in the video above.

‘American Idol’ Week 2 Auditions


Cyniah Elise

This 17-year-old from Atlanta chose to audition after going viral for a video singing with her family. She auditioned with “You Are the Reason” by Calum Scott. Lionel Richie called it “effortless,” and Luke Bryan said it was “tastefully done.” Katy Perry said she would need to develop who she is as an artist. Cyniah got three “yes” votes to go to Hollywood.

Kay Genyse

This 19-year-old from North Carolina has plenty of personality, and showed off a fortune cookie that predicted her success on the show. She auditioned with “Mercy” by Duffy. Katy said she was “a little bit pitchy,” while Lionel said her voice didn’t match her showmanship. Katy took her out on the street to get the public’s opinion. Kay ended up getting through to Hollywood.

Kyle Tanguay

This 21-year-old is the only male cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles. He brought his teammates to his audition, where he performed “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes. Katy said he had to “pick the right key.” Luke said he has “some work to do.” All three judges voted yes, sending him to Hollywood.

Jovin Webb

This 28-year-old spoke about losing his mother after graduating college. He wants to set a good example for his son by auditioning for the show. He performed “Whipping Post” by the Allman Brothers. The judges gave him a standing ovation. “That is what barbecue sauce sounds like,” Lionel said. Katy said she had “chills in my cheekbones.” Needless to say, he’s going to Hollywood.


Claire Jolie Goodman

This aspiring Broadway star did some silly-sounding vocal warm-ups before her audition. Lionel said he didn’t want to change her style, but said American Idol wasn’t for her. Katy said she wanted to hear something “more current,” and told her to go to New York City. Claire isn’t going to Hollywood.

Margie Mays & Jonny West

Margie made a splash last season, and she’s back to audition with her boyfriend. She performed “I Found a Boy” by Adele while Jonny played piano. Luke said she’s “become a much better singer,” while Katy questioned the song choice. Lionel and Luke voted to send her to Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Jonny performed an original song on the piano, including a rap interlude. Katy called him “a silent but deadly killer” and said he was a “pro.” She predicted that he would go farther than Margie. Luke compared him to Alejandro Aranda. Jonny got three votes to go to Hollywood.

Sarah Isen

This singer was supported by her large family, including her two moms and half-siblings through her sperm doner dad. Sarah sang “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce. Luke said it wasn’t flawless, but it still blew him away. All three judges voted to send Sarah to Hollywood.

Eliza Catastrophe

This singer brought gifts for the judges, including sardines in honor of her song of the same name. Eliza went on to perform the song, which left the judges befuddled. They said Eliza was entertaining, but didn’t know where she fit vocally. They voted no on sending her to Hollywood.

Julia Gargano

This singer was inspired by Idol contestants like Catie Turner and Alejandro Aranda. She performed an original song called “Growing Pains.” Katy hugged her after the performance, and said she would be in the Top 5. The judges voted her through to Hollywood.


Curt Jones & Hannah Prestridge

This couple from Nashville, known as Treble Soul, auditioned together, taking turns singing. Curt performed “Help Me Hold On” by Travis Tritt. Hannah performed an original song inspired by her struggle with drug addiction. Curt said he would support Hannah if he didn’t get through. That’s what ended up happening, as only Hannah received a golden ticket to Hollywood.

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