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All Of Katy Perry’s ‘American Idol’ Disney Night Looks Ranked

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Katy Perry never disappoints when it comes to dressing up for Disney Night on American Idol. The queen of pop has sported some seriously magical looks on the judging panel that she has been a part of since Season 16. While we are totally freaking out over what Perry decided to wear this year, let’s rank all of her past Disney-inspired looks.

6. Katy Perry Made Her Disney Night Debut as Cinderella

Perry performed “When You Wish Upon A Star” from Pinocchio with the Season 16 contestants in 2018. This was her very first season as a judge. She was dressed as Cinderella in a gorgeous ball gown with a matching tiara. In promos for the big night, Perry even held onto a glass slipper that she teased the camera with.

Though Perry looked absolutely gorgeous in this costume, it is one of her more tame looks. We love her for her quirky looks that truly shock us, which is why we are ranking this look in sixth place.

Katy Perry performs as Cinderella during Season 16 of ‘American Idol.’

5. She Rocked a Pair of Mickey Ears During a Special Performance

For Disney Night in 2019, Perry teamed up with her fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan for a special intro performance. The trio put their own spin on “Heigh-Ho” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She wore a bronze and silver one-shoulder jumpsuit that glistened on camera.

She accessorized her glimmering outfit with a pair of gold sequined Mickey ears. But the most fabulous part of this look was her bright pink hair styled in glamorous loose curls. She was the real star of the show during this fun performance landing this look in fifth place.

The ‘American Idol’ judges put on a ‘Snow White’ inspired performance.

4. Katy Perry as Snow White is Seriously Iconic

During that very same Disney Night on Season 16 of American Idol where she dressed as Cinderella, Perry made a costume change when it came time to watch the live performances. She walked out to the judging table dressed as Snow White. Her black bobbed hair was held back with a red headband. She wore Snow White’s signature red lipstick and looked like she was ready to sing to a bunch of woodland creatures at any moment.

The dress fit her beautifully and Ryan Seacrest even teased her saying that maybe her prince will come during the show. We’re almost certain that Disney star (hello, Pirate’s of the Caribbean) Orlando Bloom was probably somewhere waiting in the wings with a horse-drawn carriage like an actual Disney prince. The best part of this entire look was that Perry committed to talking like Snow White for the entire night, earning this look fourth place on our list.

Katy Perry’s Disney obsession is real as she dresses as Snow White.

3. Her Dumbo Costume was the Perfect Transition into Motherhood

In 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, fans knew they could count on Perry’s Disney costumes to lift their spirits. She dressed as Dumbo’s mom for her Disney Family Singalong: Volume II performance of “Baby Mine.” She also wore this costume during American Idol’s virtual Disney Night.

She dressed her little puppy Nugget as Dumbo and it was just purely adorable. What made this all so special is that Perry was pregnant with her first child at this time. The mother-child theme was perfect for the 36-year-old who welcomed daughter Daisy Dove with Bloom in August. This awesome take on a Disney classic lands in third place in our rankings.

The star had everyone smiling with her Dumbo costume in 2020.

2. Her Tinker Bell Look was Complete with Elf Ears

For Season 19 of American Idol, Perry went all out. She dressed as Tinker Bell for Disney Night in a green dress and gorgeous holographic fairy wings. Before walking out onto the stage, she posted a video of her makeup artist applying elf ears and erasing her eyebrows.

The no-eyebrow look is certainly different than what we’re used to seeing from the “Daisies” singer. Her costume was complete with green eyeshadow and proved once again that Perry knows how to absolutely own Disney Night. She also made sure to include fairy puns into her vocabulary throughout the entire night. This look lands at second place on our list because it was purely magical.

1. Katy Perry Ruled ‘American Idol’ in her Villainous Ursula Costume

To judge the 2019 Disney Night performances, Perry channeled her inner Disney villain. She dressed as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. This has to be her most extravagant outfit on the show to date and a clear first-place winner. She wore a grey wig and even committed to painting her face purple to match her purple shell earrings.

Perry walked the red carpet with a glass of shrimp cocktail to pay homage to the character. Her dress featured black sequined tentacles that she was able to move around using a string. Not only does this outfit scream that Perry absolutely loves Disney, but it was also just a fun boost of enthusiasm that the show needed ahead of the nights’ performances.

Katy Perry’s Ursula costume is unmatched on ‘American Idol.’

We of course have some suggestions for Perry’s next Disney Night outfit. How cool would it be to see her dressed as Elsa from Frozen? The queen of pop taking on the queen of ice would bring a blizzard of pure awesomeness to American Idol.


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