Alan Silva of ‘America’s Got Talent’ Now a TikTok Star

Catherine DiMeglio
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Leave it to America’s Got Talent to showcase the best death defying acts. Season 15 featured Alan Silva, a 38-year-old aerialist from Brazil. His unique talents and skill level landed him a top five spot on the show last year. Silva has since gained a mass following from his time on the show, and can now be considered a star on TikTok.

Alan Silva From Circus to ‘AGT’

His experience stems from his family, as a sixth-generation circus performer. At just six-years-old, Silva made his debut in the circus as a clown and floor acrobat. By age 10, he made his way to the flying trapeze, which he performed for three years. The performer then followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, learning Maromba. This is a high wire act that is performed on a rope suspended between strings.

Silva loved to be in the air, and in 1998, he changed his act to aerial acrobatic silks. After two years of perfecting the skill, he auditioned for Cirque du Soleil in a band new show. In 2003, the aerialist took part in “Zumanity” another new production by the acclaimed circus. He performed with the show for 17 years, until its final show in March 2020.

Last year, Silva dominated the America’s Got Talent stage with his high flying performances. He used his physical height to his advantage, while delivering demanding upper body strength on the silks. He also used AGT as an opportunity to share his struggle with bullying. Throughout his life, Silva has faced a lot of adversity regarding his size.

“If you are a person who has felt this way about your own image or body type or whatever you’re going through, I just want to say you should continue to be the best version of yourself,” Silva said to the Las Vegas Sun. “Hold your head up high, and keep going. Because everyone deserves a beautiful life and everybody is special in their own unique way.”

Now a TikTok Star

Since his time on the America’s Got Talent stage, Alan Silva has taken his talents to social media. With 240,000 followers and two millions likes, the performer has become a certified TikTok star. His most popular video on the app, shows him taking part in the “Hip Hop Harry” challenge. It gained over 3.9 million views, and almost 150,000 likes. Silva also posts clips from his AGT performances that do exceptionally well.

The performer’s success on the show has even given him opportunities in Hollywood. Silva was featured in the hit CW show Legacies.

It seems like he sure is getting used to the limelight. Silva recently flaunted his new arm sleeve tattoo, while also sporting some Calvin Klein underwear. Possible brand deal? I feel like anything is possible at this point for Silva. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him waking down the runway soon.

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