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‘AGT’ Singer Tory Vagasy Shades Katy Perry’s Judgement of ‘American Idol’ Broadway Singer

Katy Perry on 'American Idol', Tory Vagasy on 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: ABC/Eric McCandless, Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Reality TV shows like American Idol have long been a platform for aspiring singers to showcase their talents and gain exposure in the music industry. However, a recent incident on the show has raised concerns about the treatment of singers from certain genres and backgrounds. One singer who spoke out against Katy Perry’s recent mockery of theatre music was Tory Vagasy, a former America’s Got Talent contestant.

Tory Vagasy Chimes in on Katy Perry’s Anti-Broadway ‘American Idol’ Comments

During a recent audition on American Idol, a Broadway singer named Emma Busse performed for the judges. The singer showcased her impressive vocal range and stage presence singing “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” by Elton John.

The judges did not seem particularly impressed with her performance though. In fact, Perry made a comment that did not sit well with many viewers. Perry walked up to the singer after her performance and said, “you should shake it all off,” referring to “get all that Broadway” out of her singing.

Perry’s actions of making fun of Broadway did not go unnoticed by singers of the genre and by most viewers. In a short video on her TikTok account, Vagasy criticized Perry’s comments and defended the importance of Broadway as a musical genre.

Vagasy’s comments echo the sentiments of many Broadway fans and performers who have felt marginalized or overlooked by the mainstream music industry. While Broadway may not be as commercially successful as other genres like pop or hip-hop, it is a respected and influential industry that has produced many talented singers and performers.

@once.upon.a.tory We will NOT be “smacking out the broadway,” thank you ❤️ #brodway #musicaltheatre #americanidol #agt #americasgottalent ♬ original sound – Victoria “Tory” Vagasy 👑

Howie Mandel Based Broadway Music on America’s Got Talent

Vagasy revealed that she had fallen in love with musical theatre at a young age and had been performing it ever since. Vagasy’s love of musical theatre was evident in her AGT audition, where she sang “Into The Unknown” from the movie Frozen 2.

However, judge Howie Mandel voted no, sparking an outcry from fellow judges and fans of the show. Even host Terry Crews was seen shaking his head in disbelief at Mandel’s decision. Before saying no, he explained that the song was great, but Broadway music wasn’t his favorite.

“I just wanna know why reality TV has decided to bash on Broadway like it isn’t one of the biggest most influential industries in the world,” Vagasy said. “You know how many pop stars are on Broadway? I don’t understand.”

Since her AGT appearance, Vagasy has continued to pursue her music career and advocate for the importance of Broadway and other musical genres. Her recent critiquing of Perry’s comments on American Idol has earned her even more respect and admiration from fans of musical theatre and Broadway.

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