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‘AGT’ Finale: Finalist Brian King Joseph PREDICTS an Upset Win



agt finale prediction 2019 season 14

On our weekly Talent Recap Show, host Mel Bae and guest co-host and former AGT finalist Brian “King” Joseph share their winner predictions. The season 13 contestant and extremely talented violinist came in third place last year in the AGT finale.

First, let’s look at who made it to the AGT finals?

Talent Recap Show with Brian “King” Joseph: Previewing the ‘AGT’ finale and winner prediction

Who Are The 10 ‘AGT’ Finalists?

Twenty four talented contestants competed hard in the semi-finals to earn one of ten spots in the finals. America’s vote put these ten finalists through to the finals:

  1. Benicio Bryant, singer
  2. Detroit Youth Choir, choir
  3. Emanne Beasha, singer
  4. Kodi Lee, singer
  5. Light Balance Kids, elumination dance act
  6. Ndlovu Choir, choir
  7. Ryan Neimiller, comedian
  8. Tyler Butler-Figouera, violinist
  9. V. Unbeatable, dance group
  10. Voices of Service, choir

America’s Got Talent Winner Prediction

In the second half of the Talent Recap show, after recapping the semi-finals and picking their top 3 performances of the week, Mel Bae and Brian “King” Joseph make their predictions. Here’s Mel Bae’s Prediction:

I’ve been rooting for this person since day one, since he came on the stage. I think Kodi Lee is going to be this season’s winner

Mel Bae’s prediction: Talent Recap Show

Brian King Joseph’s ‘AGT’ Winner Prediction

Mel’s prediction seems to be the conventional wisdom on social media and it’s not surprising at all. Kodi Lee’s presence on America’s Got Talent went far beyond the show’s fans. His performances were seen around the world and his magical talent inspired millions of people, fans and non-fans alike. Brian however, takes the unconventional route and predicts an upset win for another popular act this season. Here’s Brian’s prediction:

I’m gonna go with who I think has the most explosive power to upend the majority opinion…I think V. Unbeatable has that explosive power

Brian King Joseph’s predition: Talent Recap Show


Brian “King” Joseph ‘AGT’ Finale 2018 performance

‘America’s Got Talent Finale Preview

The ‘AGT’ finals will air on NBC next Tuesday 8/7c followed by a star-studded finale on Wednesday night featuring the winner announcement. We can’t wait!

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