‘AGT’ Recap: The Live Shows Kick Off With a BANG! The Return Of Kodi Lee

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The live shows kicked off on AGT on Tuesday night, with 12 acts competing in the quarterfinals for America’s vote. The night ended with a wow as the viral blind singer Kodi Lee took the stage. Only seven of them will move on to the semifinals, to be announced on Wednesday night’s results show. So watch all the acts and VOTE!

‘AGT’ Quarter Finals

‘AGT’ Live Show Voting

Tonight’s episode featured the return of Golden Buzzer acts Kodi Lee, Luke Islam, and Sophie Pecora, as well as the season’s first wildcard act, Ansley Burns. In fact, seven out of the 12 acts in tonight’s episode were singers. Check out all of the night’s performances below, and vote online or via the AGT app.


This girl group is following in the footsteps of the Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, and more. Their latest performance featured an empowering original song, coordinating outfits, and energetic dance moves. Howie Mandel said he was “filled with girl power,” while Gabrielle Union called herself a “superfan.” However, Simon Cowell said he didn’t like the song.

Greg Morton

This impressionist channels his love of movies into entertaining comedic performances. Tonight, he shared impressions from movies like Braveheart, Shrek, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Godfather, and more — complete with sound effects. Julianne Hough said he has her on the edge of her seat, and Simon said it was a “step up” from his previous auditions.

Carmen Carter

This powerhouse singer has been chasing her dream of being a star for years now. Tonight, she put her own spin on Imagine Dragons’ song “Believer.” Simon said it was “cool” and “relevant,” while Gabrielle said she “made us all believers.” Julianne praised her for taking a risk and making the song her own.

Emerald Belles

This dance team showed off some serious high kicks in their latest performance, hoping to prove judge Howie Mandel wrong. The routine earned a standing ovation from all four judges. “You guys killed it!” said Gabrielle, while Howie called it “spectacular.” At Simon’s request, he even offered them a public apology.

Sophie Pecora

This 15-year-old singer was guest judge Brad Paisley’s Golden Buzzer. Tonight, she performed a new original song on guitar. “You speak truth,” Julianne told her. Howie said she’s “the most important thing so far on this stage tonight.” Simon said she doesn’t need all the “bells and whistles” for a great act.

Messoudi Brothers

This trio of acrobatic brothers experienced an accident while rehearsing, but they powered through and returned to the stage with a new routine. The performance included some seriously impressive balancing. Julianne said they outdid themselves, although Simon said they needed more danger.

Voices of Service

This group of military men and women ask that viewers think of America’s service members when they perform. Tonight, they performed Gavin DeGraw’s song “Fire,” with a choir to back them up. “I can’t sit down,” Howie said when the performance was over, saluting them. Simon, meanwhile, called them “inspirational.”

Ansley Burns

Simon stopped this 13-year-old in both of her previous performances. However, he later chose her to be a wildcard. Tonight, she gave an energetic performance of “Swingin’” by John Anderson, as covered by Leann Rimes. Although Simon didn’t love the song choice, he said she’s “a great singer.” Julianne encouraged her never to stop believing.

Alex Dowis

This blacklight painter from the Czech Republic returned to the AGT stage with a mesmerizing new routine, in which he painted everything from dinosaurs to clasped hands, showing a brief history of the earth. Simon said it didn’t affect him emotionally like his previous performance, but Gabrielle disagreed. Howie described him as “if Banksy and Darwin had a child.”

Luke Islam

Julianne’s Golden Buzzer act dreams of being a Broadway star. Tonight, he performed “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen. Julianne told him she’s “proud” that he’s her Golden Buzzer. “You know who you are and where you want to go,” Simon told him. “We just watched your dream come true,” Howie said.

Bir Khalsa

Host Terry Crews emphasized that viewers shouldn’t try this danger act at home. One of their members left after Judge Cuts, but they found a replacement. Tonight’s nail-biting performance involved a cucumber, a blindfold, and a chainsaw. Gabrielle said they “knocked it out of the park” and kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Julianne said she had “chills.”

Kodi Lee Quarter ‘AGT’ Final Performance

Kodi Lee

Gabrielle’s Golden Buzzer act was the talk of social media after he showed off his amazing voice and piano-playing skills. Kodi is blind and lives with autism. In his latest performance, he sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon & Garfunkel. “You keep changing the world,” Gabrielle told him tearfully. Simon shared that Paul Simon gave clearance for Kodi to sing the song within 30 minutes because he saw his audition.

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