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‘AGT All-Stars’ Contestant Alan Silva Shows Off New Talent With a Lindsey Stirling Song

Alan Silva via InstagramAlan Silva via Instagram

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America’s Got Talent finalist Alan Silva is adding a new act to his set. He recently began playing the violin on social media. He demonstrated above-average violin playing that’s still in the works and will continue to get better with time.

Alan Silva Plays Lindsey Stirling’s Song

The aerial acrobat has found another hobby that’s shaping up to be something he’s really good at doing. Violin playing is not an easy talent to learn, normally taking months and sometimes even years to successfully play.

Coming from a family of performers, Silva has been performing in various stages throughout his life. With his main act of aerial acrobatics being the main attraction during his many performances, he can possibly add violin playing to the mix.

Silva recently posted on his Instagram how well he currently plays the instrument to “Beyond The Veil,” by Lindsey Stirling. Although Silva admittedly said he missed some notes of the song, his performance was undeniably amazing nonetheless.

Stirling is a fellow AGT alum of Silva, who found more success with her career outside the AGT stage. She is a well-known violinist and playing one of her songs is no doubt a difficult feat for anyone. judging from how well Silva played Stirling’s song, it can be assumed that he’s been practicing for a good amount of time. Maybe Silva might come up with something unique like incorporating violin playing into his aerial act if at all possible.

He Once Gave Up on Finding Love

The 40-year-old Cirque du Soleil performer’s hopes to come out as the winner of AGT season 15 came up short. Despite this Silva clearly already won at life, becoming a contentedly married father and finding true happiness.

“It was hard. Growing up, I never thought I would get married, because most people dream of meeting that tall, handsome guy, their Prince Charming. I know I’m not that. So, I gave up on love. I was OK being alone forever.” Silva said.

He is now together with his wife Bethany Nordstrom Silva in raising the two children they share together. His family has shown support for him in what he does as a performer despite the obvious risks of the nature of his act. He’s made it big on TikTok, gaining over 235 thousand followers on the platform.

Fans cannot wait to see Silva on the first installment of AGT All-Stars, as well as in the finale of Spain’s Got Talent. For those who may have missed, it the acrobat

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