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98 Degrees Drops Summer Tune With ’90s Nostalgia Music Video

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98 Degrees has finally dropped a music video for their new summer anthem ‘Where Do You Wanna Go,’ and fans are loving it. Nick Lachey, fresh off his time on The Masked Singer, is hitting us with all the late 90s vibes as he drives a convertible sporting his refreshed 98 Degrees sun tattoo. 98 Degrees decided to crank the summer heat up to 98 by releasing their first song since 2013.

The jam has a simple beat and features the vocals of Jeff Timmons, brothers Nick and Drew Lachey, and Justin Jeffre. Within the video, we can see each member of the band singing along to the track in the car.

“In a simple and honest video, A cool, fun and catchy song shines through. Congrats and welcome back 98°!!” said one fan on YouTube.

We have to agree! This song has the potential to be a song of the summer with its pop groove and simple lyrics. Not to mention, this video is so fun! The band found plenty of places to hide the number 98 throughout the visuals. So be sure to keep your eye out for the hidden clue. Some of our favorite hiding places were on the speed limit sign, and on Lachey’s iconic tattoo.


Calling all 98 Degrees Fans! Nick Lachey Has 98º Inside of His Sun Tattoo Again.

As 98 Degrees fans know, Lachey ditched his iconic tattoo in August 2017, and made a joke of it on social media. Many fans of the group were disappointed to see the number disappear without an explanation.

For those who might not have been around for the tat, Lachey got it in the height of the band’s late ’90s career. Many fans identify him with said sun tattoo and were happy to see it back, even if it was just for the video. Lachey shared a video on social media of a makeup artist putting makeup over the coverup, and chiseling out 98º.

“The ‘90s are back….. and so is my tattoo!!” said Lachey in his video. “At least for our #WhereDoYouWannaGo music video that drops tonight at midnight EST.”

Lachey says that he felt 25 again in the video after seeing the tattoo revived. This flashback gave 98 Degrees fans deja vu to the ’90s. And honestly, we’re living for it.

We’re happy to see the group from the late ’90s releasing music again. Get out of the way BTS and The Jonas Brothers, this song has quite the potential to become the song of the summer.

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