5-year-old Wiz Gets Golden Buzzer With His ASTOUNDING Knowledge of Geography

5-year old Wiz Gets Golden Buzzer With His ASTOUNDING Knowledge of GeographyMatthew Honda | Talent Recap

‘Malta’s Got Talent’ premiered this fall replacing ‘X Factor Malta’. The new talent show was created to open the doors to more unique talents outside of just music. Little Kristian Alakkad wowed more than the judges with his knowledge of the globe to earn him the coveted golden buzzer and the video is just something you can’t NOT watch!

This 5-Year-Old’s Adorable Auditions Created Waves

Here comes this adorably nervous, 5-year-old timidly making his way across the stage for his audition. When asked what he’s going to perform, he says that he’s going to “guess the countries on the map.” Geography is something most of us might have no clue about, so certainly, this 5-year-old couldn’t know everything, right? Right? No wrong.

Maybe he’s just going to guess? Maybe he’s just going to do the obvious ones? As the judges wish him luck, a map of the globe appears behind him showing us the full scope of this guessing game.

Judge Maxine Aquilina offers a gasp and says “Oh wow, what? You’re gonna guess all those?” in reaction. 

Geography That Has Most of Us Lost Was No Big Deal For This 5-Year-Old!

Kristian steps to the side of the stage and one by one begins naming countries. It doesn’t take long before we feel how much our geography knowledge might be lacking. Within the first few countries, he already stumped the judges.


It took only a few unmissed guesses for Maxine to voice “I promise I couldn’t do this.” Kristian’s accuracy never failed, pairing the right name to each defined landmass. The boy’s knowledge of the globe is impressive enough, his ability to pronounce each one correctly at his age only adding to the feat.

He successfully named 31 countries with no mistakes, and they weren’t all the easy ones. At some point in the act, judge Sarah Zerafa can be heard admitting “I’ve never heard of this.”

Matthew Honda | Talent Recap

The judges were all stunned by the act, such a young boy with a geographic knowledge that puts some adults to shame. It was Ray Attard that hit the golden buzzer and cued the confetti. Kristian’s parents were overwhelmed with excitement and emotion, as his mother calls him their “miracle baby” and opens up about pregnancy uncertainties they faced with young Kristian. 

Check out the astounding wiz kid and see how well you do below. He’ll be in the live shows this Sunday with the other semi-finalists. Let’s see how he’ll wow us next. 


Matthew Honda
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