5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Voice’ Season 15 Fan Favorite Sandy Redd

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Sandy Redd quickly became one of the most talked about contestants on The Voice after her blind audition in season 15. This singer took to the stage to perform a beautiful cover of “River” by Bishop Briggs. She was the one to watch before her elimination in the live playoffs, so what is she up to now?

This experienced singer came into the competition with years under her belt and it really showed. Her audition went viral, racking in over 4.8 million views on YouTube during the season. Even though she had an amazing run on The Voice, there was a lot that went into her perfection on the stage. Here’s a glimpse into where she came from and what she’s up to now in present day.

1. She Had a Four Chair Turn Audition on The Voice

Redd became an immediate fan favorite on season 15 of The Voice following her four chair turn audition. Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson fought hard for this powerful singer. Redd’s time on the series began on Team Kelly, but ended on Team Jennifer. Hudson stole this singer during the knockout rounds of the competition. Redd made it all the way to the Top 13 before getting eliminated during week two of the live playoffs.

2. She Won Several Awards Before The Voice

This singer is from Chicago, Illinois and achieved a ton while still living there. She won the 2017 WGCI “Kick Start Your Dreams…Next To Blow Out of Chicago” contest, and was nominated for “R&B Entertainer of the Year” at the 37th Annual Chicago Music Awards in 2019. On top of that, she’s been the opener for several big-name singers including Miquel, 50 Cent and Chaka Khan.

This singer has released a few singles since finishing The Voice. Her most recent is called “Live And Breathe Again” and touches on the topics of racism, police brutality, racial profiling, racial fear, racial bullying, discrimination, and more.

3. She Made Theatre History

In 2022, this singer has a lot going on. Last September, Redd announced that she would return to the road with the Jesus Christ Superstar North American Tour. Within this tour, she was the first ever female to take to the stage playing Judas, whom most of the musical is centered upon.

She made her onscreen and stage debut long before The Voice in 2011. In that year, she appeared in the film The Ideal Husband. Redd later played Dorothy in a touring production of The Wiz and was part of Chicago’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

4. She Recently Starred in a Movie

Not only does Redd have acting under her belt, she recently starred in a film. The film is called Ignite Your Love and it was directed and written by Stacey “Ms. Breezy” Gill. The storyline follows a relationship expert who helps couples reignite the spark in their relationship, but is single. The film follows Redd’s character through her expertise and journey of finding a love for herself.

This film had multiple red carpet premieres including one in Illinois. This film hasn’t been released to any streaming networks and is currently unavailable to view online.

5. Her Eldest Son is Following in Her Footsteps

Her eldest son goes by the name of ReeseeSeeMoney on all social media including streaming platforms. It’s quite apparent that he’s following in his mother’s footsteps when it comes to music. ReeseSeeMoney has released two albums, two EPs and ten singles since 2019. The rap artist releases music under Risk Takers Productions, differing from his mom who has released under Digital Box Productions in the past.

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