10 Times Talent Show Judges Broke Out in Drama on TV

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Nicole Scherzinger, Simon Cowell on 'The X Factor UK'Talent Recap via YouTube

Drama sometimes breaks out during talent show performances when judges share their opinions, especially if the audience and fellow judges don’t agree. Drama can make a show more interesting for viewers but can affect the show in unexpected ways. Here are ten times drama broke out on TV talent shows.

1. Katherine and Joe

Singing duo Katherine and Joe took the Britain’s Got Talent stage to sing “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel, while dressed as Elsa and Sven. Katherine sings, while Joe does a hilarious tap dance. The audience and judges except for Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon were amused by the act. Cowell, who buzzed the act along with Dixon, was unable to go against the audience and left the judges table.

2. Sara and Hero

Sara and Hero took the America’s Got Talent stage with an impressive sword fighting act, featuring several dog tricks. In complete contrast to the previous entry, Cowell visibly liked the performance while Howie Mandel and Mel B said “no.” Cowell went up to the stage next to Sara and Hero and asked the two judges to rethink their decision. Eventually, he convinced Mandel to change his vote to a “yes,” receiving cheers from the crowd.

3. JBK and Lemonade

Filipino boy group JBK and girl group Lemonade were put by Cowell to a sing-off during the Six Chair Challenge on The X Factor UK. Cowell’s decision to choose Lemonade to keep their seat did not sit well with Nicole Scherzinger, who grabbed her jacket and stormed off the set.

4. Mark Scott

Mark Scott auditioned during the first season of American Idol. Scott was never shown singing, but he was shown briefly dancing like Michael Jackson. Judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson liked his performance, but Cowell wasn’t amused by Scott’s impersonation. Both Abdul and Jackson voted “yes,” sending him to the next round much to Cowell’s displeasure.

5. Chico

Chico Slimani did not have a good first impression with Cowell during his X Factor UK audition. His personality came off as narcissistic as he praised his singing abilities before performing. The drama started when Sharon Osbourne and Louise Walsh voted “yes,” to him while Cowell said it was the “corniest audition,” he has seen in his life. After the performance, Cowell is seen in the middle of an argument with Walsh over his decision.

6. Dremeka Choir

The Dremeka Choir is a heavy metal-inspired group that performed their version of “O Fortuna,’’ from The Omen and “Toxic,” by Britney Spears on America’s Got Talent season 17. Heidi Klum buzzed the act while the other judges voted “yes,” Klum didn’t particularly like their genre of music.

7. Sam Black

Sam Black’s performance during the quarterfinals of The X Factor UK consists of him singing “I’m Your Man,” by George Michael. Osbourne commented that his singing was “pitchy,” and Cowell agreed with her along with Scherzinger. Walsh disagreed with the other three judges, praising Black’s performance.

8. Pop’Arazzi Crew

The Pop’Arazzi Crew were a street dance crew whose performance consisted of dancing to a whistling song on Britain’s Got Talent. Judge Amanda Holden along with Dixon liked the act and voted “yes,” while David Walliams and Cowell were not amused. In a battle of girls vs boys, Holden and Dixon eventually walked off the set from the disagreement.

9. Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith won judge Tulisa Contostavlos over with her acoustic audition of “American Boy” by Estelle and Kanye West on The X Factor UK. Walsh commented that he’s not sure Smith is for the show, to which Tulisa disagreed. The two start to bicker and argue with each other after the performance.

10. Rylan Clark

Rylan Clark’s performance of Spandau Ballet’s “Gold,” won over all The X Factor UK judges, except for Gary Barlow. Barlow genuinely did not like the contestant’s singing, saying “I’m embarrassed to be sat here,” after watching. Barlow’s opinion was looked down upon by the other judges and the audience that night.

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