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10 Times People Have Told Tony Hawk That He ‘Looks Like Tony Hawk’

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On The Masked Singer Season 3, Tony Hawk challenged people to guess his identity as he performed as Elephant. As it turns out, people have a problem figuring out who he really is even when he doesn’t have a costume on.

Over the years, the skateboarder has shared some funny moments in which people tell him he looks like Tony Hawk. He usually plays along without revealing to them that he actually is Tony Hawk.

10 Times People Didn’t Know They Were Talking to Tony Hawk

1. At a Coffee Shop

In the most recent example of this phenomenon, Hawk tweeted about a coffee shop barista and a customer telling him how much he looks like the famous skateboarder. Even his comment that he writes about the resemblance didn’t clue them in.

2. At the Airport

Hawk recently shared that he’s kept some instances to himself because people think he’s making them up. However, he recently shared the story of a TSA agent who didn’t believe he was really Tony Hawk even when they looked at his ID.

3. Shopping for Lightbulbs

It took this person a little bit of time, but they eventually figured out that they really were talking to the famous skateboarder. Even famous athletes need to buy lightbulbs.

4. At a Drive-Thru

Hawk has joked about these funny moments so much that sometimes he assumes people are in on the joke when they mention the resemblance. But not always. In this case, a drive-thru employee changed their mind once they saw Hawk from the front.


5. Shopping with His Daughter

Even with a mask on, a store employee still thought he looked like Tony Hawk. Eventually, Hawk admitted that he really was the skateboarder, and the two posed for a picture together. At least Austin thinks he’s cool.

6. At the Airport Again

A lot of these moments happen at the airport, especially from TSA agents. In this case, the agent’s first instinct was to tell Hawk that he looks like Lance Armstrong. Eventually, they figured out it was actually Hawk they were thinking of, but they still didn’t think it was him.

7. At the Airport Yet Again

In this case, the TSA agent apparently didn’t even think Hawk looked like himself, as they just recognized his name. At least they said something nice about him.

8. Also at the Airport

We’re pretty sure Hawk blew this agent’s mind with the revelation that he actually was the skateboarder. Either that, or they were just very confused.

9. With Margielyn Didal

Sometimes, people really are in on the joke. When skateboarder Margielyn Didal posted a photo with Hawk on social media, she jokingly said he “looks like Tony Hawk.” People thought she was serious, and Hawk had to clear things up.

10. Boarding a Plane

If you think you’re the first one to make this joke to Tony Hawk, you would be wrong. Once, he heard it three different times before the plane took off. His wife rightly pointed out that he started it.

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