10 Best Memes About Tyra Banks’s Dinosaur-Inspired ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Outfit

Samantha Agate
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Tyra Banks Dancing with the Stars HostDancing with the Stars/ YouTube

Tyra Banks caused quite the stir with her latest Dancing with the Stars outfit. It was hard to focus on the dancing in episode two once Banks changed outfits. There is no denying that Banks is absolutely stunning and we do admire her for stepping out of the box…even if it was a box of farfalle. Unfortunately, this outfit missed the mark and drew some parallels to a certain poison-spitting dinosaur.

Banks’s dress caused the usual uproar of people hoping she is replaced on the show. Fans of Tom Bergeron are still holding out hope that he will return to the franchise with Erin Andrews. For right now, Banks is here to stay. She is really making sure to make bold statements with her outfits and turning the ballroom into a personal runway. Try not to giggle out loud looking at these memes of Banks and her red outfit. Alexa, play “Dinosaur” by Kesha.

1. Tyra Banks’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Outfit Looks Exactly Like a Dilophosaurus From ‘Jurassic Park’

2. She Isn’t Bringing Home the First Place Ribbon with this Look

3. Tyra Banks is Just Getting Us All in the Holiday Spirit Early This Year

4. She Was Looking Like a Snack, Literally

5. The Paper Accordion Fan Vibes are Real with this ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Look

6. The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Host Might Actually be Trying to Send Viewers a Message About Switching Networks

6. Pac-Man Just Met His Match and We Kind of Ship It

7. Remember That Beta Fish You Had in Third Grade? This is Her Now

8. This Outfit is the Actual Circle of Life. Hakuna Matata, Right?

9. Banks Was Serving a Little Charcuterie Realness. Somebody Please Pass the Babybel.

10. Disney Fans Were Waiting for Her to Say ‘Pull the Lever, Kronk’

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