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YouTuber Madilyn Bailey Shockingly Auditions for ‘America’s Got Talent’

Madilyn BaileyTyler Golden/NBC

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You’ve probably heard YouTuber Madilyn Bailey’s cover of “Titanium” performed by dancers on talent shows or used as background music during judges critiques. Her video singing the song in 2012 has over 114 million views. Madilyn has nearly 9 million subscribers on the platform since she started posting covers in 2009. Her YouTube channel has more than 1.1 billion views in total. So why is she auditioning for Season 16 of America’s Got Talent?

The songwriter from Wisconsin moved to Los Angeles after she began posting YouTube videos. She dreamt of one day becoming a huge artist. Madilyn had no idea how much she was going to blow up online with her whimsical voice. You’re lying if you say you don’t have Madilyn’s 2013 cover of Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” in your iTunes library. Her booming music career has never slowed down.


Madilyn Bailey Auditions for ‘America’s Got Talent’ in the Middle of Huge Music Career

Madilyn’s cover of “Titanium” became so popular that it led to her signing a deal with Warner Music Group’s label PlayOn in France in 2015. Her covers dominated the radio and led to her becoming an RIAA Gold Certified artist. She released her Muse Box album in France in 2015. She attended the Billboard Music Awards in 2015 and again in 2016. Madilyn released her Wiser EP in 2016 and has toured all over the world to promote her music. She is about to hit 800,000 Instagram followers. After her audition airs, expect that number to near 1 million followers.

Madilyn has done collaborations with other major YouTubers like Kurt Schneider, Sam Tsui, Kina Grannis, and Disney star Alyson Stoner. She sang the DiGiorno Pizza Anthem with The X Factor Australia judge Redfoo in 2017. Madilyn also has a ton of experience performing on stage after touring with Boyce Avenue. She grew her huge fanbase even more after performing in China, Europe, and Vietnam.

After releasing her song “Tetris,” Madilyn was chosen to perform live on The Today Show as Elvis Duran’s Artist of the Month. “Tetris” was added to Spotify’s Fresh & Chill playlist 2018. In 2018, Madilyn’s song “Drunk on a Feeling” played during the season finale of Station 19 on ABC. Marshmello even commented on one of her song covers on YouTube, as if she hasn’t already proven her celebrity status.

Madilyn Dominates TikTok with Her Unique Videos

YouTube isn’t the only platform where Madilyn has found success. She became a huge hit on TikTok with her videos making songs out of hate comments. Her storyline on America’s Got Talent will most likely follow this same pattern. In a promotional image from the show, hate comments can be seen on the screen as Madilyn plays the guitar and sings on stage.

Madilyn is a great example for people who also receive hate from trolls online to rise above all of the negativity. It’s not that she isn’t deserving of being on America’s Got Talent, it’s literally just the fact that she is already super famous. Her 2.4 million TikTok followers will probably agree that she is an established artist who might not need this platform like some of the other struggling artists.

The singer isn’t the only established performer auditioning for the show this year. Actor Michael Winslow also posted about auditioning for the show, however, his audition has not aired. Another possible scenario is that America’s Got Talent is pulling another prank and making Madilyn perform a song consisting of hate comments directed towards the judges. They already pulled a fast one on us this season by bringing Ryan Stock back to prank Sofia Vergara.


No afense but none of you know how to spell offense.. 😂 (I wrote this song using only hate comments) #thanksforthehate #fyp #music

♬ original sound – Madilyn Bailey
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