‘The X Factor UK’s Six-Chair Challenge Comes To An Explosive End

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Without a doubt the most famous round of The X Factor is the dreaded Six-Chair Challenge. It’s a kind of game of musical chairs only much more cruel. An added spin this season is the “Golden X” which functions like the Golden Buzzer in the Got Talents. The Boys and The Groups were up on the chopping block this week. Let’s see who made it to the judge’s houses round.

Thomas Pound

First up was Thomas Pound who performed in drag. This is something we’ve been seeing more and more of on these shows, which I’m all about. Drag is an ancient and amazing art form. Thomas isn’t the greatest singer in the world, but he’s serviceable and got a seat.

J Sol

Now this fool can sing. And more importantly, perhaps, he’s got stage presence. He can also do the splits. That’s the entire package, right? He is given a seat by Louis.

Dalton Harris

We always say that song selection is as important as the performance itself and Dalton picked the PERFECT song for him, Prince’s Purple Rain. There was no way he wasn’t getting a seat.

The final boys lineup is a dangerously good one:

Brendan Murray (GOLDEN X)
Dalton Harris
Thomas Pound
Armstrong Martins
Anthony Russell

LMA Choir

Next up we have The Groups. First up was LMA Choir. They were OK. I just don’t know that choirs belong on The X Factor. They are more of a Got Talent thing. But whatever, they got a seat.

Sweet Sense

So, this is some classic X Factor. They put these girls, that came as solo artists, together as a girl band and made them somehow become cohesive in a couple of days. But they were pretty good and could go far, who knows?

Acacia and Aaliyah

Robbie gave these two young girls the Golden X and it was well deserved. They are very green and have only been together a week since being paired in the previous round. They are ones to watch out for if they are able to mature through the season.


Are these guys the second coming of Rak-Su? They sing, dance, write original songs, and are just downright entertaining to watch. They are without a doubt the most fun act of the episode.

Vibe 5

Yet another group that was just thrust together. They did a serviceable job for only having had two days to become a group. There is room for growth and they were given a seat.

Panda And Burgundy

Finally we have Panda and Burgundy, two of the best singers on the show this season. I’m not entirely sure why they were paired together but it was still pretty great. They obviously got a chair.

The final group of…er…The Groups were:

Sweet Sense
LMA Choir
Burgandy Williams & Panda Ross

On to the Judge’s Houses!


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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