And The Winner Of ‘The Four’ Is…Evvie McKinney!

Evvie McKinney winner of The FourTalent | Talent Recap


Evvie McKinney wins ‘The Four’ – Battle For Stardom. Whoa! Talk about an upset victory. The fans…an us…were pretty sure we know how this was going to go. Zhavia had been on the show since the first episode and quickly became a fan favorite. She was the odds on favorite to win. Evvie McKinney came on last week for the first time and blew everyone away. Tonight Evvie McKinney is the winner of The Four.

When the final four hit the stage for their final songs we figured it wasn’t even going to be close. Zhavia sang One Dance by Drake, which was fine but didn’t really show off her voice the way she needed to in the final night. Evvie, on the other hand, sang Proud Mary by Tina Turner and tore the house down. She challenged Zhavia who parried with Man Down by Rihanna. Then Evvie came back with Ain’t No Sunshine By Bill Withers and the judges chose Evvie over Zhavia.

Maybe it was a dumb mistake, but remember what this show takes into account the most is what’s happening in the room at that very moment. It just so happens that Evvie got the crowd more into it on this particular night than Zhavia.

We then had Candice take on Vincint and even though Vincint is great with his Bruno Mars cover, Candice clearly won with her rendition of I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. Candice came back to battle Evvie but she was shut out when Evvie sang Glory by John Legend and Common. One thing The Four definitely delivered on was that the unexpected was right around the corner. The show played with our expectations at every turn. As doubtful as we were, it was definitely an enjoyable show.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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