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Who is The Robin On ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Clues Decoded + The Mask Revealed

Robin on 'The Masked Singer' UKITV/The Masked Singer UK

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The Masked Singer UK season 2 came to a close this weekend. Three celebs entered the finals anonymous and after our final guesses, all were revealed. The first masked star to give us a big reveal was Robin. Check out the clues we’ve decoded and who was the celebrity behind the suave songbird. 

Robin sang “For Once In My Life” by Stevie Wonder as their final tune

Clues For Robin On The Masked Singer UK Season 2

Week 1

The clues about Robin in their first week seemed so obvious it leads you to believe they’re trying to mislead us. The first thing we notice are posters of Robin covering a streetlight post. They then walk out onto a stage to thunderous applause. Robin is ready to rock and shares they’re “fast, light on [their] feet and ready to go the distance.” More on the idea of being ready for the competition they admit having “trained and now [they’re] fighting fit.” While recognizing their costume to be “pretty fly” we see a street sign for Albert Square in the background. Before exiting Robin tells us they’ve “been known to fly without wings.”

Week 2

Ahead of the clue package, Robin critiques the judge’s guesses saying “they haven’t landed a solid hit.” We see a soccer ball with a couple of framed records in the background as Robin shares “sport has always been a huge part of my life.” A failed IQ test is uncovered when they admit even if they weren’t on the athletics track, they “always knew [they’d] be a footballer.” A comparison is made to the coordination used on the field as being like a dance. They tell us robins are known for their redbreasts, much like the team kit they once wore playing alongside “sporting legends.” Proudly adding they once also represented their country as they look to add “another feather in [their] cap.”

In this installment of two lies and a truth we got these statements.

  • “My real name is out of this world”
  • “This Robin’s habitat is more tropical than you think”
  • “I started performing by doing impressions”

Week 3

This week their song choice serves as a clue, and Robin chose to sing “Rockin’ Robin” by Michael Jackson. Ahead of the clue package they say, judges will need the “luck of the Irish to pin the right name on me.” While flipping a crepe they tell us while they might have wings, they “don’t stray far.” Camped out in a tent, Robin tells us they “migrated all over the world” but some places just aren’t for them. They admit what “allows me to bring the flavor” is focusing on what they’re good at. To close out the package, they snag a biscuit while reminding us it’s the “simple things in life that taste the sweetest.”

Week 4

Our clues start with Robin sharing they were bullied for being different growing up. Next we see two make-up artists sprucing up Robin’s feathers. Both are wearing 3-D glasses. In their dressing room they open up a bar cabinet. Inside a British flag with a crown atop is revealed. Robin shares “the most exciting aviary is one full of diversity.” We also learn they “know just how valuable a mentor can be” as he dons a pair of star-shaped shades. In the surveillance footage a backstage door is opened up for Robin and the roar of screaming fans can be heard.

Week 5

Glad to still remain anonymous, Robin tells us the “panel weren’t in sync with their guess.” They mention robins are known for having a redbreast, but they’re “also known for being blue.” Shown practicing their golf swing, we learn they had to grow up fast since having such an early career. They add this lead to them evolving quickly. They coyly express “you could say my discovery was almost accidental.” Closing out the package Robin tells us their career is more than they could have imagined. Joking with the viewers they jest “I don’t need to tell you that, though. That’d be preaching to the choir.”

Week 6

There weren’t a lot of clues in their final clue package, but the clues were huge. Robin started by saying “here we are again at the final in another competition.” Robin hopes to be wearing the winner’s crown at the end. They admit the “last time I was within reach of a crown, 17 million people were watching.” Being in the final comes with some pressure and Robin tells us “I just hope I don’t make a berk of myself.” After their performance, Robin gives a final clue, sharing “my name fits like a glove.”

Best Guesses For TMS UK‘s Robin

Robin’s clues kept us guessing. Were they an actor? A professional singer? A footballer? Judges had guessed Joe Swash, Olly Murs, even Bruno Mars. The net sleuths seemed certain it would be Aston Merrygold.

Our Prediction For TMS UK‘s Robin

We read the clues the same way as much of the internet. How did the judges not see Robin was singer/actor Aston Merrygold. Let’s examine the evidence.

GettyImages Aston Merrygold / Photo: Neil Lupin via Getty Images

Week 1 Explained

Firstly, if we assume it is Aston Merrygold, the costume is a strong clue. Looking at that and their first statement is “ready to rock,” we connect this to the song “Rockin’ Robin.” Merrygold got his start when he entered Stars In Their Eyes and sang the Michael Jackson song. Light on their feet, Merrygold is an impressive acrobatic dancer. As a member of the boy band JLS, he went the distance when they ran in the Sport Relief Mile to raise money for the charity event. The Albert Square sign is very misleading. While never starring on the show, JLS’s last performance as a group took place on the set of EastEnders. On The X Factor UK, Merrygold once sang “Flying Without Wings” alongside Westlife

Week 2 Explained

Week 2 we started to shift from singer to footballer maybe, but it still fits our guess. The framed records in the background are highlighting the successful music career Merrygold had with JLS and as a solo artist. The failed IQ test we translate as a hint to Merrygold’s solo hit “Get Stupid.” Back in 2012 Merrygold took part in the charity event Soccer Aid, where he sported England’s famous white and red kit alongside some soccer greats. As a child, he also represented England in the European Youth Games. His impersonation of Jackson on Stars In Their Eyes would mean Robin did get their start doing impressions. 

Aston Merrygold’s “Get Stupid” music video

Week 3 Explained

The song they chose further cements our theory from the first week’s clues. We are told it will take the “luck of the Irish” to guess the Robin. Funny coincidence that Merrygold’s mother happens to be Irish innit. Merrygold is no stranger to flipping pancakes either. In 2013 he dished out breakfast at an event for Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity where he showed off that skill. He also was featured on the show Fun Song Factory where he played Cookie which could be subtly hinted at when he’s presented a biscuit.

Week 4 Explained

Merrygold is an ambassador to the charity BeatBullying. Something he feels strongly about since experiencing racial bullying as a kid. JLS released a 3D movie, JLS: Eyes Wide Open in 2011 which explains our make-up artists’ accessory choice. We understand the diverse aviary clue to be a nod to his time as a judge on Got To Dance. The Sky1 show had Merrygold judging alongside Ashley Banjo of Diversity. Merrygold also knows the value of a mentor since JLS got their start on The X Factor UK, with Louis Walsh to mentor them. The star-shaped frames on Robin must be another reference to Stars In Their Eyes. It’s safe to assume if a backstage door is opened for Merrygold, he’d hear screaming fans on the other side.

Week 5 Explained

Mocking the judges for not being “in sync” with their guesses is more evidence our bird can dance. The JLS members are known to each wear one color and Merrygold’s was blue. His Stars In Their Eyes performance was the start of his career, at just 14-years-old. The golf swing threw us for a second but JLS stands for “Jack the Lad Swing.” Merrygold’s early career did quickly find him adapting to new roles, but it’s important to note JLS’ fourth album is titled Evolution. Preaching to the choir we’re not sure of but Merrygold once performed with the Rays of Sunshine Choir in 2014.

Week 6 Explained

As we said, the clues this week cemented the identity of Robin for us. Merrygold is familiar with being in the finals. He’s done it on Stars In Their Eyes and on The X Factor with JLS. The crown clue refers to the time JLS got to perform at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert. When Robin hopes to not make a “berk” of themselves, we think this says more than looking stupid. JLS performed with Alexandra Burke on The X Factor UK final in season 6. Lastly, and most hugely, Marigold is a popular cleaning brand in the UK known for making yellow rubber gloves.

Did We Decode The Clues For Robin On Masked Singer UK?

We had our guess locked in by week 4 and the final reveal kept our streak alive. It feels like we were well on top of this one almost from the start. What do you think of our sleuthing? The mysteries this season have all been solved. We’ll be ready for another batch of riddles in the next season of The Masked Singer UK.

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