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What Has Dustin Tavella Been Up to Since He Won ‘AGT?’

Dustin Tavella on 'AGT All-Stars'Casey Durkin/NBC

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There have been many magicians who have performed on the America’s Got Talent stage, but none have been as endearing and inspiring as Dustin Tavella. The season 16 winner has charmed the viewers with his sleight of hand and larger-than-life magic tricks.

What Has Dustin Tavella Been Up to Since Winning AGT?

After Dustin Tavella won AGT, things moved rather quickly for him, mostly because his lease was up the following day. Tavella joked about the fact that his family “won America’s Got Talent and became homeless on the same night,” in his winner’s interview with NBC Insider.

Together with his family, Tavella has moved to Las Vegas, and he’s frequently headlining the AGT live show at the Luxor Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. He’s done a great job at keeping every night on the live show a spectacular and magic-filled night.

“Literally every night we’re performing for thousands of people from all over the world,” Tavella said. “People really, really love America’s Got Talent. And I think that going out there and meeting all of them is one of the coolest things because it just keeps it so human.”

When Tavella isn’t performing in the AGT show, he has his own show, Here Comes Trouble, where he shows off his skills of magic and music. Despite Tavella‘s love of both music and magic previously being separate interests, his new performance aims to combine the two into a “unique, high-energy” act suitable for all ages.


Tavella is a Family Man

Outside of the AGT family, Tavella has an extremely supportive family of his own. Some would say the main reason behind his success is his supportive family. In 2018, Tavella married Kari Gibson, after a two month engagement. Gibson appeared on Tavella’s debut AGT season and is often present in his YouTube videos.

The couple adopted their first son Xander Dre Tavella in 2020, when he was only two months old. The mother of Xander was going through a tough time and was unable to care for the child, and asked the magician and his wife to adopt him. Not long after Xander they adopted another young boy, Sylas who is their youngest child at the moment.

The youngest Tavella has seemingly found a place on his new home and can be seen having fun together with his new family. His career as a magician is what supports his family of four, and he gets to do it because of his hobby.

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