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Watch Simon Cowell’s Funniest Moments on Talents Shows Over the Years

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Simon Cowell and funny doesn’t always go hand in hand. However the judge that everyone loves to hate does actually have a funny side! Though he may not show it often, this talent show mogul has some zingers and facial reactions that will have you on the floor laughing.

10. Abiola Allicock

Abiola Allicock’s appearance on The X Factor UK sent Cowell into a tailspin. He is usually someone who can hold his composure, at least for the first couple of minutes during a disaster of an audition. Abiola’s random melody during her audition made Cowell laugh so uncontrollably that he had to turn his chair around.


9. Shayden Willis

Shayden Willis wrote an original song about heartbreak and wanted to share it with the world. During his X Factor UK audition Shayden could not stop expressing himself. Between his lack of piano skills and his lack of vocals, it was hard for Cowell to take him seriously. When he tried to go big, Cowell finally had to put a stop to the audition. Shayden was not taking no for an answer and continued his audition, ultimately forcing the judges to walk out.

8. Champagne

Cowell turned into a stand up comedian when Champagne came into his audition. Champagne entered the room with his mic prop and sunglasses ready to sing “I Believe I can Fly.” Cowell quickly scolded the aspiring singer calling him “house wine,” which is a great zinger and callback to the stage name Champagne. Without the gimmicks, perhaps Champagne could have moved on. His voice really wasn’t that bad.

7. Tim Richards

Tim Richards’s X Factor audition left Cowell in a state of shock. He put a whole dance routine together alongside his “All Night Long” audition performance. Tim said his longtime girlfriend encouraged him to try out, which had viewers at home questioning if his girlfriend actually loved him.

6. Andrew Fenlon

Andrew Fenlon came into his Season 9 American Idol audition hot. He was sarcastic and negative and turned all the judges off. Andrew’s jazzy voice wasn’t bad, but the damage was already done. Cowell kept the other judges on their toes when he actually bonded with Andrew. Although everyone said no, Cowell announced that he would have said yes. In a strange twist, Andrew has a fan club dedicated to him. He has also continued to release music in the indie scene.

5. Ant and Seb

Ant and Seb were young students when they walked into their audition. It is not every day that two people have enough confidence to compare themselves to P. Diddy and Usher, but they were more than happy to be the first two. During their audition, Cowell almost spit out his water while they sang “Mysterious Girl.” The two did not let the word no stop them. Security had to remove them and Cowell was so fed up that he cancelled the rest of the audition day.

4. Kelly Northall

Kelly Northall told the judges that she had a 10 out of 10 voice. She was wrong. According to Cowell, Kelly has a 2 out of 10 voice. During her X Factor audition parents around the world learned why they should be honest with their children. Kelly’s parents encouraged her and when Cowell brought her back to reality, Kelly’s dad showed he was just as delusional as his daughter.

3. Amnesia Sparkles

Drag queen Amnesia Sparkles played it up for the camera during what seems to be an American Idol skit. Amnesia rushed inside the audition room and asked Paula Abdul to read a letter about Cowell. The letter was clearly meant to be comical.

2. Simon Cowell Pranks Sofia Vergara


Cowell enlisted the help of Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn. The duo is known for their comedy danger act on America’s Got Talent. The judges and audience were in on the prank. Sofia was made to believe she shot an arrow into the chest of Cowell. It was fake of course.

1.Sofia Vergara Revenge On Simon Cowell

Sofia Vergara vowed revenge on Cowell after he began their prank war. Vergara convinced Cowell that the Got Talent judges were being honored with bronze statues. Cowell’s statue came out hideous. He hated it so much he offered the artist to redo it. Vergara did not stop there. She also called Cowell out for being rude. He was visibly uncomfortable with the whole experience. In the end Vergara taught him never to mess with a Colombian.

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