WATCH Bizarre Act Get Buzzers Even Before Performing On ‘Asia’s Got Talent’

Asia's Got Talent Roy Payamal

Roy Payamal’s audition for season one of Asia’s Got Talent was definitely a little bizarre. He came wearing nothing but a pair of underwear and had silver paint all over his body. The 51-year-old was full of energy and a good mood that definitely changed really quickly after his crazy audition. Check it out below.

‘Asia’s Got Talent’ Judges Found Roy Payamal’s Act To Be Weird

Roy began by rolling out a mat on the floor but was scrambling to find some of his props. Just a few seconds into his act, Ray got a buzzer from David Foster. “I haven’t started, what’s with the buzzer?” he asked. “You’ve used two minutes of your two minutes already so,” David said. “I’m just getting my props together. You guys are really polite today” the resident tinman said. He then pulled out a guitar and began jumping along to a rock song as a balloon filled up on one end of the guitar. It was genuinely the weirdest act ever. Roy then proceeded to stick his entire body in the balloon. Before he could break out of the balloon, he received all four buzzers which shut down his act. Roy suggested that the judges should not even have buzzers. Instead, he suggested that the judges have bells.


“Well Roy, you’re a very likable chap but the show is called Asia’s Got Talent and I didn’t really see much talent,” David said. “I think you’re mean” Roy fired back. He also suggested that David have a more colorful wardrobe because wearing black is “too serious.” Spice Girls member Melanie C asked Roy if he has any other talents. “It was definitely entertaining but I don’t think it’s Asia’s Got Talent material,” said judge Vanness Wu. “Suit yourself man” Roy responded. He left the stage with a sad look on his face and maintained that the judges were mean to him.

Where Is Roy Now?

Well, it turns out that this silver man was arrested in 2017 for disorderly behavior in Takashimaya, Singapore. He was later released and said his loud voice is to blame for his arrest. “I’m fine. It’s just a misunderstanding. My voice is naturally loud as an entertainer and a rocker but it just sounded to them like I’m shouting,” he said in an interview with The Straits Times. Roy was back out performing on the streets of Singapore the night after his arrest. He was also featured in a documentary called Singapore Minstrel about being a street artist. “The whole idea is to question whether it’s possible to entertain people by doing nothing,” he said. “I don’t want to be like everybody else. I like to do things spontaneously.”

One of his most popular performances is standing like a human statue for hours and not moving.


Roy still continues a career as a performer even as he is nearing 60 years old. Age is just a number and his energy is unmatched, even with his crazy act.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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